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Spring 1 - Heroes

  Vegetable soup

Supertato was so impressed with our super veggie posters. He couldn't choose just one winner so instead he wanted us to do something fun to celebrate. He loves cooking so he sent us a recipe for his favourite vegetable soup.

We worked in groups to prepare the vegetables for the soup. The swordfish helped to wash and peel the carrots and potatoes, then they cut them up under close supervision. The Jellyfish

peeled the onions and crushed the garlic. The starfish shredded the herbs and weighed the lentils. Next, the clownfish and angelfish mixed it all together and helped to stir it as it cooked. Finally, Miss Baron blended it all together. After it had cooled down, we each had a cupful and tried it. There were mixed opinions on it's taste, some of us thought it was delicious others weren't too keen. But everyone did agree that we'd all had great fun!

Best dressed super veggies

 Veggies Assemble!

This week the Seashells had a message from Supertato asking for their help. Evil Pea has been terrorising his vegetable friends again and he needs more super veggies to help save the world. The children discussed lots of different vegetables and decided which would make the best superheroes. Then they thought about what the super veggies would need such as a cape, a mask and a belt.  The best designers always plan their work first so that's exactly what they did. They drew pictures and labelled them. 

Next came the fun bit, making the super veggies! It was tricky to attach capes and masks to the vegetable bases but in the end we used pins and PVA glue. Some children even added extra features like pants and hair. They looked amazing!

Forest School Winter

This term we had our second week long visit to the secret garden forest school area. We talked about the changes in the environment and weather since our last visit. Coats, hats, gloves and wellies were definitely needed this time round!

On Monday we did some maths counting activities with sticks. We worked in pairs to collect sticks and count out the correct number to match number cards.

On Tuesday it was very wet. We stayed under the tarpaulin as much as we could to stay dry. We listened to the story of stick man and then used the sticks to create our very own stick men.

On Wednesday with Mrs English we learned about birds and discussed why they might find it difficult to find food during the winter. We made bird cakes out of lard and bird seed. We hung them on the trees for the birds.

Thursday was a very busy day for the builders and there were many trucks and vehicles around so we couldn't go to the forest. Instead we listened to the story of The Yeti and the bird and named some common birds like robins, pigeons, blackbirds, swallows and seagulls. Then we made some more bird feeders to take home but this time we used cheerios. We had to thread the cheerios carefully onto pipe-cleaners and then bend the pipe-cleaners into shapes. Finally Miss Baron tied some string to allow the bird feeder to be hung on the trees.