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Spring 1 Hola Mexico



- Week 1 - 


As we continue with our topic 'Hola Mexico', we are learning what makes an effective travel brochure. Mr Earl's parents recently went on holiday to South America with a new travel company called 'The Good Travel Co.' At the minute, they only offer holidays in South America but would like to expand into Mexico. They have asked for our help with researching and constructing their new brochure! We will be applying our skills of persuasion once again to tempt travellers to visit this spectacular country.

Travel Brochure Talk Story

Still image for this video

Chinese New Year Artwork



- Week 2 - 


In maths this week, we are exploring division by grouping. We carried out an investigation today using lollipop sticks to help us understand the concept of division with remainders.

- Week 3 - 


After a week of researching, drafting and editing their fantastic persuasive writing, Y3 have been enjoying publishing their final Mexico travel brochures. We can't wait to send them off to 'The Good Travel Co.'

Chinese New Year dancing with Amy...

- Week 4 - 


This week, we have started our new maths unit Terrific Time. The children agreed that a watch was essential for telling the time and so we have been busy this morning making our own ready for time checks throughout the school day. We have also attempted different challenges revising telling the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 

Our fantastic watches...
In history, we have been exploring how the ancient Maya developed their complex writing system. We have then had a go at sculpting our own Mayan hieroglyphic stamps using clay. We will later use these stamps to make a model of a Mayan book which is known as a codex. Did you know that the ancient Maya had over 800 different hieroglyphs?

Extreme Earth

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We have kicked off our exciting new Geography and Science unit, Extreme Earth, by thinking about what's under our feet. We have learnt about the different layers of soil before going deeper and learning about the different layers of the earth. We used this knowledge to make our own models of the Earth. 
Bikes and Scooters Classwide Reward Party

- Week 5 - 


In history, we have been learning about the ancient Maya civilisation who lived in Southern Mexico and central America. We have learnt about how they developed their own writing system based on sounds and have had a go at creating our own hieroglyphics stamps using clay. We then used these stamps to create sculptures of ancient Mayan books known as codices.

- Week 6 - 


This half term, Y3 have received weekly rugby coaching sessions from Sheffield Eagles player, Oliver Davies. They have learnt the rules of the game, passing techniques, worked of their agility and have enjoyed putting these skills into practise as they played team games of 'Fire in the Jungle'. In their last session, they watched the highlights from the Sheffield Eagles' victory at Wembley and had the privilege of lifting the infamous 1895 Cup. The children enjoyed giving Oliver his very own 'Star of the Week' cup as a thank you for his fantastic coaching.

Year 3 have been learning about ancient Mayan and modern day Mexican food. Today, we put our aprons on to make our own spicy Mexican beanburgers in DT. We had to mash, sprinkle, mix and shape our healthy burgers before cooking them under the grill. 

In preparation for our trip to the City Hall next month, we have been learning the song Believe which we will sing along with the Hallé Orchestra's backing. The lyrics and audio can be found below. Please practise singing it at home, as you won't have the words to read on the day!

Believe - Hallé Children's Choir + Piano

In Literacy, the Aslans have been drafting and editing their own traditional rags to riches tales set in the Spanish-speaking world. They have enjoyed taking on the roles of authors, editors, publishers and illustrators. We are looking forward to taking our published books over to Burnaby for story time next half term! Brilliant work as always Aslans!