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Spring 1 Hola Mexico



- Week 1 - 


In Creative Curriculum, we are learning all about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We used the iPads to have a closer look at some of her most famous paintings and discussed the symbolism used in her artwork. 

- Week 2 - 

In Maths, we have been investigating division by grouping and sharing cubes!

For extra practise, have a go at playing Doggy Division Dinners 🦴🦴🦴

In Science, we are continuing our topic Light and Shadows. We explored how to make shadows bigger and smaller. Next week, we will be investigating this further by planning an experiment and taking measurements. 

In PE, we are learning how to play golf! We warmed up with our favourite game 'Divots' where the greenkeepers are desperately trying to protect their golf courses from the pesky badgers! After this, we learnt how to correctly hold a golf club and practised our putting - it's harder than it looks!

- Week 3 - 

Here is the link to the song that we learnt in class today during our singing lesson.

In Spanish, we are learning about colours!

In Science, we have been investigating how the size of a shadows changes depending on the distance between the light source and the object. We found out that the closer the object was to the torch, the larger the shadow was!

- Week 4 - 

Forest School Frida!

Forest School Maths

- Week 5 - 

In singing this term we've been learning the song 'Let Your Spirit Fly'.  We've been warming up our voices and finding the pulse in the music.  Here is our final performance - we hope you enjoy it!

Let Your Spirit Fly

Aslans Singing

In Guided Reading, we have been reading all about Mary Anning - a famous paleontologist. We enjoyed watching the video below and have been using our inference skills to write short diary entries about her discoveries. We will be learning more about how fossils form in our Science lessons. 

As part of our Science topic, Extreme Earth, we have been learning about different types of rocks. 

- Week 6 - 

What did the Ancient Maya eat?

We have been learning about the significance of different types of Ancient Maya food.  Below are some recipes you may like to try out at home.


In Creative Curriculum, Y3 have been learning about Mexican food. As part of their home learning project, they have been busy in the kitchen cooking some delicious Mexican dishes! Fantastic work Aslans!

Just for fun....