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Spring 1 - ¡Hola Mexico!

Healthy Mexican Beanburgers

This week, we have started our next recipe - spicy Mexican beanburgers! Our first group enjoying making these tasty burgers today although I think the chilli powder got the better of some of them.

Digital 5-a-day

We all know how important our 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables are in keeping our bodies physically healthy but what about keeping our brains healthy? This week, Walkley Primary are taking on the Digital 5-a-day challenge and learning how a balanced lifestyle and active screen time can help up look after our mental health. Keep up to date with our class blog to see what we get up to!

As part of our science topic 'How does Usain Bolt move so quickly?' we have been learning about our skeletons. Today we constructed skeletons in a group, attaching the correct bones in the correct place. Most of us gave our skeletons a name!

Marvellous Maya

Year 3 have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of weeks publishing their information texts about the Ancient Maya. They should be extremely proud of the work that they have produced. This brings our learning about this interesting ancient civilisation to a close and we will moving on to learning about modern day Mexico. 

Perfect Programming

This week children have started their coding course through the website studio.code. Children can access this from home by clicking on the following link and selecting their name and secret picture to login.

Adelita - Talk for Writing

This week, Y3 have been reading Adelita - the Mexican Cinderella story. We have been making predictions based on what we know already about the story of Cinderella and have been comparing the two texts. We have been creating actions to help us retell our talk story. Here is our story map so far...

Judo Taster Session

The children have had a fantastic afternoon taking part in a Judo taster session. After getting kitted out and learning how to tie their belts correctly, they quickly learnt how to 'hold' and 'throw' before putting these two moves together.

Letters have been sent home with more information about Judo club, which will be starting on Thursday 17th January 2019.

Complex Coding

This week, Year 3 have started their next Computing unit: Programming. They have learnt what an algorithm is and how we can turn a simple set of instructions into a program using code for a computer or machine to understand. They have worked in pairs to practise using a simple code to replicate patterns. Next week, children will receive login details for the website 'Code' which they can use at home to practise their programming skills. The link to this website will be shared here on the class blog.