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Spring 1 - Ice Age


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Week 6

Thank you for a fantastic last week! This week we have talked about how global warming is affecting the polar bears habitat. If the earth is warming up, what is going to happen to the ice? 

We met Max the Little Green Monster who loves saving the Earth. He taught us how to reduce, reuse, recycle. We spent an afternoon helping Max. We looked through his bag of rubbish and how put it into the correct recycling bin. We talked about how it will be reused and this will help our planet as we wont need to produce so many materials. 

We had a special visitor today! Dazzle Dance Amy came to teach us Chinese Dancing. We have watched a video about Chinese New Year and talked about similarities and differences from New Year in English tradition. 

We really enjoyed waving fans and ribbons whilst listening to Chinese music. The dragon came to scare everyone away. We really loved learning a bit more about this culture. 

Thank you very much Amy! 

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to two fabulous Caterpillars. Alexander and Aanya are leaving. We are very sad and they will be missed. We wish them all the best for the future and hope they continue being fantastic! 


We are excited to see all of the fun things your get up to in your Learning Logs in the first week back! Have lots of fun and remember The Daily 5 Screen time advice.


Have a restful week! 


Miss Hill 



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A million dreams

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Bear necessities

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Once there was a choo choo

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Courtesy Of Mr Vaughan

Week 5

Another fantastic week! We have really enjoyed exploring the internet safely using a 'Digital Diet- 5 a day'. We have used the internet creatively to research a recipe for peppermint creams. Our Arctic Explorer has received our rucksack and replied to tell us all about the Arctic. They are needing to eat lots of food that gives them energy to keep them warm. We found an easier version of Kendall Mint Cake and had a go at making Polar Bear Peppermint Creams. 


As well as being busy baking, we have looked at other ways to use the internet. We decided that Miss Hill needed some help with her drawing. So we watch a video which showed us how to draw a step-by-step penguin. If you fancy watching any more videos at home, please bring your pictures in for Show and Tell. We would love to see them! 


The Caterpillar class really are fantastic! We love how fabulous you are becoming day by day! A bit of a challenge... who can master zipping up their coat by Monday!!! 

We are ready for our next Class Wide Reward Party... we better get planning. 

Thanks for a great week! 


Miss Hill 

Week 4

This week we have discovered lots about The Arctic. We looked at different types of animals and what they would need to survive in the Arctic harsh conditions. Polar bears have black skin! We couldn't believe this as we thought it would be white. In fact, their fur is see through. We talked about what other transparent materials we knew about. 


In Maths, we have been talking about are daily routines at home and school. The Caterpillars are really good at telling us about what order they do things in. Everyone's was slightly different! We talked about the importance of brushing your teeth and how doing it in the morning and evening will help keep your teeth healthy. 


We are all very excited for new Read Write Inc groups next week!

Please remember the correct school uniform next week! 

Thanks for a great week everyone!


Miss Hill


Dough Disco

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Day 5

On Friday, we played noughts and crosses with sticks and stones we had collected. We talked about how winning is not the most important part of playing a game, it’s the taking part that counts! The children worked so well with their groups and really understood the game. It was tense at times!

We had a final explore of the forest before saying goodbye until next term. Thank you for a great week.

Quotes of the week

“Are we going back yet?”

“It just looks like Google Earth”

“The birds wont come because we’re too noisy!”


Thanks for a great week everyone! 

We have had a great time exploring. 


Miss Hill


Day 4

On Thursday, we had a discussion about how to keep warm in cold weather. We decided that we need to wear hats, gloves, scarves, coats, wellies with socks underneath, jumpers and waterproof trousers. Miss Hill suggested a swimming costume, but we didn't think that would be very suitable for a forest. The conversation led to what it means to be healthy. We talked about eating fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water, brushing our teeth and plenty of exercise. The Caterpillars had some great ideas about how to look after our bodies.

In the afternoon, we collected lots of sticks ready for a game of noughts and crosses tomorrow. We played lots of games with a Hoola Hoop and worked really well as a team.


Day 3

On Wednesday, there was a surprise. We found Mr Butler in the forest. He had been very busy baking jacket potatoes! Our class love jacket potatoes. Miss Hill orders about 15 a day! We were very excited to try them. Mr Butler had put each potato in a piece of foil with butter and cheese, then placed them onto the fire. They were delicious! 
Whilst we ate our potatoes in groups, we played a game with Miss Hill. We played ‘Not In My Garden!’ We were in 2 teams standing opposite each others garden. The quoits are “rubbish”. You throw the rubbish into your neighbour's garden. The winners are the garden with the least rubbish at the end. We are getting really good at throwing.

Day 2 

On Tuesday, we went on a number hunt. We worked in groups to look around the forest and find all of the numbers that matched our picture. When we found all of the numbers, we worked together to put them in order. There was a challenge of putting the numbers in order even if there were some missing ones.

In the afternoon, Mrs Lucas helped us make bird feeders. We decided bagels were good to hang because they had a hole in the middle. We spread vegetable fat onto the bagels and sprinkled bird seed into the bagels. We left them hanging on trees for the birds to eat.


Day 1

On Monday, we enjoyed looking at the changes in the environment since out last visit to the forest. We noticed the trees were looking bare, the colder

temperature and a new path had been made by Mr Butler. In the afternoon, we worked with a partner to find an amount of sticks specified by a number on a snowflake. We then used our imaginations to use the sticks to make  something. The children made some beautiful fairy houses, dens and even Christmas trees. The Caterpillars are very good at working together! Well done team!


Week 2

This week Miss Hill got a text, it was a special delivery! Miss Hargreaves went to investigate. She opened the door to a delivery driver who handed her a rucksack. She brought it back to the classroom and we had a long discussion whether or not we should have a look inside. We decided to open it. We found the strangest collection of items. There was a compass, a globe, a whistle, a sleeping bag, a warm coat, tent instructions and lots more. 

This led to a big discussion about what event the bag had been packed for. There wasn't a beach towel, swimming costume or sunglasses so we decided that the bag was not heading anywhere hot. We talked about places we knew that was cold. Although some suggestions included the freezer isle of Morrisons, we decided it might be heading to the Arctic! 

We have explored Google Earth and looked at the similarities and differences between Sheffield and the Arctic! 

We came to the conclusion that it was the right choice to send the bag onto the Arctic and hope that it reaches its owner. Miss Hargreaves posted it at the post office and it cost her £100.  We have put our address in one of the pockets and hope that we will find out if the bag reached its destination! 

Let's wait and see! 


We are looking forward to our turn at Forest School next week. Please remember to wrap up warm and bring lots of layers with you as it is due to be very cold!

Thank you 


Miss Hill




Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed some quality time with your families.

What a busy week! We have loved exploring our new topic 'Ice Age'. We have had lots of exciting things in our classroom to help explore. We have made sugar cube igloos, played with ice and talked about polar bears. Our roleplay area has turned into an Arctic Explorer ice castle. We have been moving big blocks of ice by using the sledge. There have been some fantastic imaginative play ideas happening. 


In Little Big Maths, we have been learning about the number before, the first step to understanding subtraction! Everyone has done so well! Check out 'Tapestry' to see our nursery rhymes. 


Miss Hargreaves is our classroom fairy when it comes to tidying up! But... we thought it was time to help her out! The amount of powder paint spilt on the floor daily was turning our mop any strange colours. This week, we have learnt how to mix powder paint without having to pour the powder into the pallet. 

We used a repeating pattern on instructions. Water -> Paint -> Pallet -> Paper

We made some beautiful colours by mixing lots of shades of blue. We talked about cold and warm colours and decided that using blue would help our ice area feel cool. We started with a base colour and added a little bit of white each time to make it lighter. Our colour washes are hanging up in the roleplay area.

Thanks everyone for a great first week back.


Miss Hill





Colour mixing