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Spring 1 - Ice Age


In maths over the last two weeks we have been looking at subtraction or taking away. We have learned the different steps that you have to do to solve a subtraction sentence. We have used real objects like snowballs to help us work out answers. We also played subtraction smash with play dough and played subtraction games on the computers in the computing suite.

Here is a link to the website that we used.


Recipe for Energy Bites


1 cup of dates (soaked in a cup of hot water)

2 tbsp water

3/4 cup of rolled oats

1 tbsp of honey

1/2 tbsp cocoa

Sesame, sunflower or pumpkin seeds/small dried fruit (optional)


  1. Drain the dates in a sieve over a small bowl and put into blender.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of the drained water and blend into a paste.
  3. Add the cocoa, honey and oats and blend together. If needed add some more water.
  4. When combined into a thick mixture, put into a small bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  5. Take spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into small balls.
  6. Roll the ball in seeds or stick small pieces of fruit into the balls if you like.
  7. Put back into the fridge to harden.


Week 5 - Energy bites

We had an email from Pippin Shackleton, the Arctic explorer who last week we had helped return a lost backpack to. He told us about the conditions in the Arctic and explained that although the food stores were well stocked at the research centre, they had run out of energy bars and needed a sweet snack to help keep up their energy levels. We talked about some foods that give us lots of energy like eggs, bananas and fruit.  The problem was none of these were on Pippin's list of foods from the store cupboard.

We had cocoa powder, oats, honey, dried fruit and dates. Miss Baron found a recipe for us to try that used only cupboard ingredients. We looked at the dates on the food and found that they were all for next year which means that they will not go off for ages and can be kept for a long time.

This week we are going to try out the recipe to check if it tastes good, then we can send it to Pippin. 

We talked about how to prepare for a cooking activity, including putting on aprons, washing hands and tying long hair back. We also looked at the utensils and equipment that we need to use. The Seahorses were the first group to try out the recipe. They worked in pairs to measure out the ingredients using cups and spoons. We used a blender to mix all the ingredients together. Whilst the mixture was chilling in the fridge, we wrote our names on the bags so we could take some home. Then we rolled the mixture into balls. 

A secret reader...

We had our first secret reader in Seashells class this week. The children were very excited to see who it was. Mr Delap read us the story of 'The Lion inside' which is a rhyming story about a little mouse with a brave heart. We can't wait for another secret reader to visit us.


Week 4 - Animal sorting

This week we have been learning about the animals that live in cold places like the Arctic. We talked about what animals need to live and why some animals can live in cold places when others can't. We sorted the animal pictures into the right boxes and wrote some of the names using Fred fingers.

Week 3 - A mysterious delivery

A strange parcel was delivered to the Seashells class this week requiring investigation -  A very large backpack containing a lot of intriguing and interesting items belonging to a mystery person. The children had to work out who the backpack might belong to. They explored each item carefully and discussed what it might be used for. The items included:

- A compass and very large maps which some thought possibly of the world...

- A warm blanket

-A first aid kit

- A torch - for exploring dark places and night time

- Some boots - 'Mountain climbing boots as they had very good grip and were waterproof' according to EB.

- A jacket with a snow-skirt - 'That's to stop the snow getting in.' LM

- Some gaiters - 'To stop you getting muddy or wet' SG

- energy bars - 'Chocolate for climbing mountains' IL

- A rope and carabiner - for rescuing people or catching things

- Fishing line - to catch your tea

- Binoculars - for exploring things that are far away

- Crampons - for walking on the ice and snow

- Tent instructions 


They put all the clues together to conclude that the backpack belonged to an arctic explorer. We found an address in the bottom of the bag and Miss Baron sent the bag back. 


On Tuesday we visited the computing suite for the first time. We named the different parts of the computer and then we learned how to log on using a password. We talked about why passwords are important. Then we selected google earth. We found the UK, the Sheffield and Walkley and then our school using the navigation tabs.

Noughts and crosses


On Thursday and Friday we visited the Forest school to find materials for our maths games. We collected small sticks of similar lengths and then Miss Baron tied them together to make crosses. We created giant grids using 4 large sticks that criss crossed each other. Then in teams we played noughts and crosses with the stick crosses and pebbles for noughts.

It's a game of stratgey and anticipation as we had to get 3 in a row whilst also preventing our opponents from getting a line of 3. We learned that you can get your line of 3 in a vertical, horizontal or diaganol line. We took turns to go first and to be team leader.

It was really fun. We are going to keep the noughts and crosses to play in Seashells yard next week.

Ordering numbers

Today we visited the Forest School twice in one day!!

First, in the morning we had a maths problem to solve. Someone had lost all Miss Baron's numbers in the woods and we had to help find them. Each group had a particular type of number to look for. Some had snowmen on, some were on snowflakes, some were colourful, blue or black and white. Each group had to work together to find their numbers and then they had to put them in order.

The dolphins had an extra problem to solve but they had to work out what it was! When they returned with their numbers they worked out that some were missing. They had to put the ones they had in order and then write down the missing ones. They did an excellent job of solving the challenge. Well done everyone!

Week 2 - Forest School

The Seashells were very excited as they arrived at school this morning. It was time for Forest School!

After RWI we got changed into our warm layers, boots, hats and gloves. When we got there we noticed some changes. Firstly, there was a new path made from bark chippings and evergreen leaves. The trees were bare and all the leaves had fallen to the ground. We heard lots of birds singing. Also it was much colder than last time we were there.

We had snack outside and then we completed a maths task in pairs. Each pair was given a number card and a plastic tub. We had to collect the matching number of sticks and count them out accurately. Great counting everyone!


During lunchtime Mr Butler had lit the fire and we could smell the smoke as we walked back to the forest. We were very excited about the yummy, cheesy baked potatoes that were cooking on the fire. Whilst we were waiting we went off to explore the grounds and found some extremely large sticks. Then we sat and ate the delicious baked potatoes. The butter and cheese had melted and was all gooey. They were so good! Thank you to Mr Butler for the fire and cooking, Mrs Sutton for providing the cheese and butter and the kitchen staff for doing the pre-cooking. I wonder what we can cook on the fire next time?

Cheesy jacket potatoes

Maths - Subtraction rhymes

In maths this week we have been learning to take away 1 at a time using simple songs and rhymes. We learned 5 different subtraction rhymes and then we performed them in our groups.

 Week 1 - Colour mixing


Welcome back! We hope you had a fabulous two week break. 

This week we are getting ready for our new topic with some new activities in the classroom. The children have loved playing and acting out roles in the new Arctic Explorer area. We are getting better at dressing up for the cold weather. Keep practising those zips and gloves at home!


We love painting in Seashells class but the problem is we are using up all the stock of ready mixed paint! So this week we are learning to use powder paint (of which there is plenty!) 

We learned about the colour wheel and how artists use it to mix colours. Here is a link to the video that we watched.


We also learned about creating tints, tones and shades by adding white, grey or black. We explored making tints of blue to create wintry backgrounds for our polar role play area.