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Spring 1: Life in the trenches

The World War One topic is progressing apace in the Kensuke base and the quality of the writing is off the chart. Tasked with creating a character from scratch, each Y6 will tell of a personal journey into hell and back, a journey that millions of men took in reality a little over a century ago.


Keep checking back as more examples of the fine work being completed in class is added here.

World War One: Anywhere But Here (life in the trenches)

The set up for the next stage of the World War One journey sees each character trapped in a hellish trench on the Western Front having discovered they were sold a lie about the reality of the conflict.


We are building towards writing a letter home to a loved one, something millions of young men did, and the first stage involved turning the classroom into a trench and collecting ideas about the almost unimaginable conditions that were experienced by those unlucky enough to find themselves in the heart of darkness.

World War One: My Country Needs Me (Golden Write)

War has been declared and a call for brave, patriotic men to come defeat the despicable "Hun" has gone up and you have answered the call! Your country needs you and you are ready to serve!

Gymnastics Lesson 1: Wednesday 16th January (Jump Around!)

Our new gymnastics block has begun in magnificent fashion with all manner of jumping and throwing of shapes by the mighty Kensukes! Check back in future weeks for when things really get interesting!

Crucial Crew: Monday 14th January

The annual Crucial Crew trip has taken place and a great day of learning was had by all the Kensukes. Information was taken onboard, scenarios were played out and all against a backdrop of exemplary behaviour.


Well played indeed Y6s!

Judo taster session - Thursday 10th January

This afternoon, we got a taste of what is to offer in the judo club being run after school this term. Mats were pummeled, Kensukes were pinned and fancy pajamas were donned. Sometimes the pictures speak for themselves so that is what I am going to let them do!