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Spring 2

Week 2

What a fabulous week which included World Book Day. We loved seeing your great costumes and having a day dedicated to looking at even more books than we do normally.

Check out our pictures.

This week,  we have been sent a top secret mission from Chester Zoo. They want to redesign their Giraffe House and would like us to find out some facts so they can display them all over the walls in funky ways. We talked about ways of finding information and how to know if they are trustworthy or not. The Caterpillars discovered that a giraffe was 17ft tall... to understand just how big that was, we worked out that was about the height of 3 adults, so roughly about the height of 6 children all standing on each others heads. The children lay down and we measured them against a piece of string. We the used the measured string to measure the same length of canes. We tied them together and stood it up. It was so tall! It could reach the top of Mr Drew's classroom. 

We took it through to the Seashells to show them just how tall it was! 

We can't wait to let the zoo know our facts. 


Thanks for a great week 


Miss Hill 

Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely holiday. 

We have come back to the joys of Pancake Day. The children were fantastic at weighing and mixing the ingredients. We help pancake races in the garden and enjoyed flipping beanbags in pans. The oven was SO slow... but we powered through and throughly enjoyed the pancakes once they were cooked. We had a mix of toppings such as; sugar, lemon, jam and syrup. They were enjoyed by everyone. 

In maths, we were helping Mr Wolf buy the correct amount of toppings to make pancakes for his friends. We used pennies to count out the correct amount of money for two toppings and add them together.


As well as all of this fun, we enjoyed Dough Disco, P.E, Science and lots of pancake challenges. Well done everyone...


Just to say.... for this half term, P.E and Show and Tell are moving from a Thursday to Wednesday to accomodate Dazzle Dance Amy. Thank you for your cooperation.

Next Thursday is World Book Day... We are looking forward to seeing your book character costumes... please don't feel any pressure to spend any money - simple is fabulous! 

Have a lovely weekend 


Miss Hill