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Spring 2

This week the children have been learning to tell the time - o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Here is a fun game they can play to consolidate these skills:

A small team of Y2s were excellent Walkley ambassadors at the Ponds Forge "Cricket All stars" festival. The children had a lot of fun catching, batting and bowling. Thank you very much to Sheffield Hallam University, Yorkshire cricket club and the Arches project for organising this brilliant event.

The Y2s did themselves and the school proud at the Kingswood 2 day residential. All the adults were so impressed with how well the children supported, comforted and worked with each other while building dens, tidying rooms, climbing walls, building rafts and guiding each other blind folded through a "nightline" obstacle course. Things were so action packed, that everyone had a great night's sleep and decided to do an extra activity of a 3 mile walk round a reservoir on the last day. The Kingswood activity leaders who were with us, commented that we were the most mature, active and politest Key stage 1 group they had ever had. Long live this new Walkley tradition!

While some Y2s were at Kingswood the rest of us had lots of fun at school - baking cakes, making obstacle courses and playing games in forest school.