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Spring 2

Week 6

To celebrate Easter and spring we decided to make cards with a Japanese theme to link with our topic. We learnt about the celebration of Hanami in Japan where spring is celebrated with the 2 week blossom of cherry trees. We looked at examples of cherry blossom paintings including Damien Hirst's recent work. Finally, we added our origami cats!

Here is a great link to learn more about Hanami in Japan. Thank you BBC Newsround!:

Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan |

Please watch this video Gruffalos to look at some beautiful cherry blossoms and some of the amazing human and physical features of Japan!

We have been learning about the similarities and differences between the Japanese and UK royal families. Please ask your child about this!

The Gruffalos have been using their designs to make lunch boxes which will be able to hold sushi and can withstand seagull attacks and a typhoon. We will be conducting a science experiment next term where we will simulate these conditions using a nerf gun and water pistols!

Well done to the star group writers for producing some fantastic instructions on how to catch a dragon. Here are their superb instructions for the Dragon Prevention Squad (DPS)!

Week 5

We have been lucky to have 3 days of forest school this week in the beautiful spring weather. We started with making 2 d shapes and making symmetrical shapes with sticks and leaves. We then worked in pairs to weave and make dream catchers. Finally, we explored the apple orchard and looked at the buds which are just about to blossom.

We have been doing traditional and modern dance inspired by Japan in PE. Please watch the Gruffalos in action!

The Gruffalos did a super job of drawing 2D shapes with rulers and using geoboards to make 2D shapes and count vertices.

Week 4

We had a smashing time doing an obstacle course for Red Nose day! Well done to the Gruffalos for giving their all and raising money for such a good cause.

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week in maths. Here are the Gruffalos building square based pyramids, hexagons, triangular prisms and cubes!

The Gruffalos are learning sending and receiving skills in PE. We have been really impressed with the children's improved co-ordination and throwing skills.

Origami History

As part of our "Land of the Rising Sun" topic we followed instructions to make an origami cat. Patience and resilience were rewarded with these super creations!

Week 3

The Gruffalos did a tremendous job sketching and drawing their own versions of Hokusai's wood print "The Great Wave". This is part of our "Land of the Rising Sun" topic where we will learn about the culture of Japan.

In star group, we have started writing about how to catch a dragon. We had a special visitor called Captain Bear from the Dragon Prevention Squad (DPS). He has shown us how to catch a red snapper dragon with a magic shovel, a camouflage net and some crunchy nut cornflakes! The children did an excellent job listening, taking notes and making a plan.

Week 2

Happy World Book Day everyone!

The Gruffalos finally finished their wonderful diva lamps for Diwali. We made different patterns with our lamps (with battery powered candles!) inspired by rangoli and thought about the millions of people who celebrate Diwali every year. Finally, we discussed about what places and celebrations make us feel like we belong.

In maths today we imagined we were chefs in different pizza restaurants. Chef Mario gave us different ingredients for different pizzas. For example a pizza paradise is 1/2 cheese (yellow), 1/4 tomato (red) and 1/4 mushroom (brown). The Gruffalos showed excellent fraction knowledge and teamwork.

Here are 2 great games to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Please click on the link below

This week we are starting to learn about identifying fractions of shape. Please have a look at the Gruffalos practically and pictorially working out a 1/2. 1/4, 3/4 and many more!

Week 1

Many thanks to Amy from Dazzle Dance studios who came in to get the whole school involved in Chinese dancing to celebrate Chinese new year. The children enjoyed performing folk dances and ones which were once performed in the ancient imperial court. We had a fantastic time and hope our dances brings us good luck in the year of the tiger!

The Gruffalos have nearly finished their Diwali diva lamps using salt, dough and paints. We now need to add rangoli patterns and pictures of Rama and Sita. Then we will imagine we are on the island of Tobago celebrating this very important religious celebration for Hindus all over the world.

We have finished our "Land Ahoy" topic and have enjoyed playing our own board games based on the learning we have done. We will make a copy for your child to take home to play with you!

Here are some more photos of last term's amazing residential at Kingswood outdoor adventure. Well done again to all the y2s who displayed magnificent resilience, team work and communication skills!