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Spring 2

Our first Walkley School Trip. Today we went to Concord to take part in the Arches Archie Party. We learnt lots of new skills and had lots of fun!

Spring 2 week 5

We managed to keep our session with Amy this week despite our trip and had a lovely session outside!

Thanks ECM for your awesome rocket, I love how you made it all by yourself and it is so imaginative!

Spring 2 week 4

Here are some photos from last Friday's Red Nose day, where the children are doing their obstacle course.. sorry they are a bit delayed!

Spring 2 week 3

Forest school has been fun and we were lucky with the weather. Thanks to the children for their amazing behaviour walking up to and in the forest. 

Well done to RS, OK, BT and MS for their incredible rockets! You worked so hard and we loved looking at them and finding out how you made them. Sorry to ECM who also made one - I forgot to take your photo, I will do it on Monday!

On Wednesday the children collected sticks and practised counting in 2s and 5s. We delved into division by making predictions about how many groups of 2 or 5 would be in an amount and then checked to see if we were right.

On Thursday we looked for signs of Spring. We took some photos of our observations and then recorded what we'd found.

On Friday we took our class teddies up to the forest and played some games with them

Spring 2 week 2

World book day has been a lot of fun, we loved all the imaginative costumes. If your child wants to enter the book token competition, you can send their entries to:


World Book Day Design a National Book Token Competition,
Book Tokens Ltd.,
6 Bell Yard,
London WC2A 2JR


Or you can submit using the online form:

Spring 2 week 1

Thanks to RS for his incredible light-up model of the solar system! We were all very impressed.

This week in Guided Reading we've been reading a book called 'Barbara Throws a Wobbler'. Here are the children acting out different 'wobblers'. Maybe you will recognise some!

We've finished off our sending and receiving unit in PE with a fun game. The children worked really well practising their underarm throws and trying to score points by throwing into another team's box.