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Spring 2


This half term in PE we've been learning lots of different shapes, balances, rolls and stretches in gymnastics. Here are Y5 Hiccups working in partners to make symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes on mats and also using our gymnastic equipment. 

Y5 Dodgeball Competition

It has been a while since Walkley last went to a competition but we're back into it now! 28 Year 5 children were lucky enough to represent Walkley at a dodgeball competition in February. WOW they made Walkley proud! All children were extremely skillful and showed unbelievable teamwork, cheering each other on when they won and supporting each other when they lost. It was a pleasure to see the children enjoy themselves so much. GO TEAM WALKLEY!

The Industrial Revolution

We are coming to the end of our theme 'Industrial Sheffield' so we decided to have a class debate deciding the pros and cons of the Industrial Revolution. Very good points were made and this led us to writing an informative balanced arguement. 



This term Y5 have worked really hard to learn the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air soundtrack.  There were a lot of words to learn at speed!  We've had so much fun and they've done an amazing job.

Y5 Hiccups Fresh Prince of Bel Air