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Spring 2

Week 1

The foxes were in forest school reading 4 figure grid references on maps and making a treasure map with the 8 points of a compass!

GetOutside champion and naturalist Steve Backshall continues his series of map reading videos with Ordnance Survey by explaining how to work out a four-figure grid reference. These look like this: SU 24 10 With a 4-figure grid reference you can find an area on a map, or take note of a location.

The Foxes were inspired by the artists of Sokari Douglas Camp and Alberto Giacometti to produce these wonderful wire frame sculptures.

In maths, we are learning about equivalent lengths (2,000 m = 2 KM) and measuring the perimeter of shapes. Please have a look at this fun BBC video set in a pizza cafe which focuses on perimeter and area.

Where Do Mountains Come From? | Geology for Kids

In geography this term we will be looking at mountains. Here is a great vid which shows how they are created and some of major mountain ranges are in the world.

Week 2

Foxes' stop motion movies

The Foxes did a super job of planning, story boarding and filming a stop motion film filled with fun, titles and a soundtrack in our computing lessons!

Happy "World Book Day" everyone!

World Book Day 2023: Official £1/€1.50 books and campaign reveal!

Week 3

In maths this week we have started to study fractions. Here is a great game to get you reacquainted to all things fractions:

Brilliant dancing Foxes. Thank you Amy from Dazzle Dance!

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Spring Dance 1

Week 4

The Foxes have been investigating all things mountains recently. Here is a brilliant stop motion presentation of how fold mountain ranges are formed by tectonic plates pushing against one another over millions of years. Well done Dhruv!

Still image for this video

Well done to another Fantastic Fox too!

Still image for this video

The children have begun to learn about what happened to Britain once the Roman army left its shores in 410AD. Please ask your child about what "The dark ages" means and who were the Angels, Saxons and Jutes?

What Was Life Like? Meet an Anglo-Saxon Warrior

Here is a great short film of the Saxon invasion in Horrible Histories

Week 5

The children have begun to read and write about the epic Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf. Here is a BBC KS2 version of the story

English KS2 | Beowulf - Part 2 | BBC Teach

The children have loved reading the Michael Morpurgo written version and are beginning to make Kenning poems of the terrible night-crawling monster Grendel and the heroic Beowulf.

The Foxes began their Samba percussion lessons at the start of this term with the Sheffield Music Hub and have made great progress. We have really enjoyed working as a team to create some fantastic sounds and beats using a variety of percussion instruments. We have also really enjoyed following different rhythms using phrases such as "I want a biscuit!", "salted caramel" and "Fish and Chips" so don't be alarmed if your child chants this at home! Many thanks to Joe Green our wonderful teacher and Sambista (band conductor)

Week 6

The foxes are in the midst of a design and technology project to make a "Steady Hand" electricity game for the school summer fair. We have so far researched various battery and mains powered designs and studied parallel and series circuits.

Well done to the Foxes for another great dance sequence!

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Matilda 2

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