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Spring 2

This term we have been reading 'The day the crayons quit' by Drew Daywalt. We have used it in Guided reading and our literacy lessons.

The children read the letters in groups and decided on the emotions that each crayon conveyed through their letter to Duncan.

Orange crayon - Determined

Peach - Embarrassed

Beige - Disappointed

Green - Pleased

Pink - Neglected

White - Empty

Yellow - Angry

Blue - Worn out

Black - Frustrated

Grey - Tired

The children have had a fabulous term and have managed to earn themselves 100 class wide rewards! Their class wide reward party was using the air dry modelling clay that Father Christmas gave us last year. The children made a mixture of brilliant models from apples to dinosaurs.

Red Nose Day 2023! Thanks for your kind donations on this important day. The children had a fun Golden assembly watching parents, teachers and friends competing in silly games. Later in the afternoon we joined in the cup stacking competition which was won by the Gruffalos in KS1. Congratulations to them.

World book day at Walkley!!!

Thank you for all your hard work getting your children into costumes for our special day. We read lots of stories, we also had a visit from Fantastic Mr. Fox (Mr. Malcolm) who read the class a story! We looked at a wordless book called 'The Journey' which was awe inspiring. The children used inference to work out what was going on. Several children created book token designs for the national competition (fingers crossed) and we finished reading all the 'oi frog' book series. What a great day!

Welcome to a new term. Before we let you know what is happening in Spring 2 we must show you the fab activities the children did at Kingswood. The children were absolutely fantastic! Even to the point of another teacher from another school in the facility telling me how wonderful and polite our children were! The children were pretty excited when we arrived...

One of the amazing features of Kingswood was their bouldering facility. The children were like little monkeys climbing all over the walls!

A really fun activity was Nightline. The children were blindfolded and had to make their way through an obstacle course. The teamwork and communication on show was brilliant!

The children showed the usual Walkley spirit, working together and using communication skills in order to problem solve...

Year 2 Kingswood Problem solving

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-02-21.

On the second day, the children used natural materials to make some environmental art.

Our final task was to make a raft for the Kingswood monkeys (who came back with us). These were named Pumpkin, Mr. Banana and Tiny Fred (named by the children of course!).

What an experience! The children really enjoyed the food, we had a bonfire with songs and dance moves, a movie with hot chocolate and bunkbeds with their friends. An experience that will stay with them forever.