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Spring 2

St Barts trip- We enjoyed walking down to St. Barts' church to think about the Christian celebration fo Easter. We also had a treat of a biscuit and drink! What part did you enjoy the most?

Forest school science! We loved going on a 'Spring Hunt' to find signs of spring outside. What a lovely sunny afternoon we had too! What signs of spring did you spot with your partner?

Maths measuring fun! We enjoyed learning about shorter and longer to compare and order objects, then we went on to measure length in cubes and centremetres. Can you spot the tallest object? Which is shorter?

We loved making Mother's Day cards last week, we hope you liked them too? We learned how to make a 'slider' in Design Technology so that our cards could have moving parts! Do you rememebr how to make it?

Gingerbread- We really enjoyed following a recipe to make our own gingerbread shape. What did you make and did you enjoy yours?

In English we are looking at recipes and the story of the Gingerbread man. We made finger puppets and acted it out. What was your favourite part?Which character did you play?

In RE we looked at friendship. We discussed what makes a good friend but times it can be tricky to be a friend too. We made a friendship bracelet for a friend, did you like yours?