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Spring 2

What a fabulous day World book day was! We had so much fun. First we learned about graphic novels and spent time acting out some of the scenes. Then we had a go at drawing characters and giving their faces different emotions. We were also very lucky as we had a visit from Y4 Chayas. They came down and read with us and then listened to us reading our RWI books. The end of the day we had a reading cafe in our classroom and swapped books.

KS1 Festival of Sport!!! We were celebrating PE last week with a festival of sport. Mixed teams from KS1 competed in rounders, rob the nest, kingball and skipping. It was a fantastic morning that the children loved!

Year 1 Posties Music Spring 2 'Round and round'

All the learning is focused around one song: Round And Round, a Bossa Nova Latin style.

As part of our commitment to delivering high quality PE and encouraging daily exercise for every child, we organised a visit from the amazing 'Skipping School'. Their instructor was someone I had worked with before who delivered outstanding PE in one of our outstanding schools in Sheffield. The children loved their session and showed some real skills. We have taught a few beginner lessons during PE in Autumn and that grounding held them in good stead. Adele (the instructor) also told us how wonderfully behaved the children were. Here are a few pics of them in action.

At the end of last term we had our forest school week in year 1. Other than the snow day, we managed to get there everyday. One day we worked on a maths puzzle. The children had to make a grid with four sticks and try and put leaves in the sections. The columns needed to add to 10 and the rows also needed to add to 10. It was quite the conundrum. Several children managed it though.

An activity based on our learning in Design and technology was to build the tallest freestanding structure they could make. We talked about what we needed for something to stand on its own and then the children explored. Finally, the teepee design won out.