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Spring 2

In DT we have been learning about frame structures. We have used paper straws to build green houses. We had to measure accurately and think very carefully about what shapes and joins to use to make our frames strong and suited to their purpose.

In PE we have continued learning gymnastics skills, we have been practising forwards rolls, backwards rolls and cartwheels. We also learnt some different gymnastics stretches such as bridges.

In our second and third trip to forest school we used tree branches and string to build frames, our brief was to build a square frame that was able to stand up by itself. We needed to work as a team and use our DT knowledge of frame structures and string tying skills to build our frames. We then used these frames to begin our new maths topic of perimeter and area; we used tape measures to calculate the perimeter of our frames.

For our first trip to Forest School we searched for different flora and fauna in the woodland then produced botanical drawings in our sketch books of what we found. We even used natural colours from the leaves of some plants to colour in our drawings.

We had a wonderful time on World Book day looking at different books in our book cafe and deciding what we might like to read next. We also had some incredible costumes!

In English we have started a poetry unit. We created freeze frames for different parts of a poem by Robert Frost, then we created our own based on an evening in the park.

In PE we have started a new unit of gymnastics. We have been making symmetrical and asymmetrical balancing both with and without apparatus.

In RE we have been discussing free will and destiny, and things in life we can and can’t control. We wrote these on a spiral continuum.