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Spring 2

Week 6

Easter Fun

We had a fantastic this week making all our Easter things. We made some fabulous cards which looked great. The children have taken them home to show off how good they are. We also made some Easter baskets so when the Easter Bunny came, we could put the chocolates in our baskets.


The term, we have made some hand puppets. We made many prototypes and on the last day we made the real thing. We used two pieces of felt and drew around our hand. Then, we used the special scissors to cut the felt. After we cut the felt, we sowed the two pieces together and decorated it. 

Mosque Trip

We had a fabulous time at the Mosque this week. We had a special guided tour of the beautiful building and learnt all about how Muslims use the Mosque. We went into the Wudu (the wash room) and discovered how Muslims wash before they go to pray. Lastly, we learnt all about how Muslims pray and some prayers they say.


It has been a fabulous half term. Everyone has done so well. Have a great rest and see you next term!

Week 5


This term, we have been learning all about the build up to Easter. We have looked and discussed all the events such as Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and finally Easter Sunday. We learnt all about how Jesus was treated in the build to Good Friday and decided it wasn’t a kind way to treat someone. We are all looking forward to going to St Barts Church next week, to learn even more about the Christian celebration of Easter!


This week, we learnt all about Nelson Mandela. We discovered, how he was put in prison for nearly 30 years. We found out that he believed in peaceful protest and that he forgave all the people which had wronged him in the past. We decided he was an extremely important person in history as he helped end the apartheid in South Africa.


This week, we used the glockenspiels again. As we have become really good on the glockenspiels, we decided to try a harder version of the song. It was a lot faster than normal. After, we then composed our own backing track to fit our song. It sounded fantastic!


This week, we our key question was Who Owns my Body - I Do. We talked about sometimes you may not want to be touched and just left alone. We played a game in the classroom where people had to ask if a person wanted to do and handshake, a wave or a hug. The other person had to say yes or no first before they could touch them.  


Have a great weekend and see you on Monday. We are all looking super forward to our tips next week.

Week 4

Class Wide Reward Celebration 

After, winning 100 class wide rewards we got to have another celebration afternoon. As a class, we decided to have a teddy bear picnic. We all brought a snack in and sat in a circle with our teddies and chatted. After, we had the choice to either read to our teddies, colour in teddies with our teddies or watch Paddington bear. It was a lovely afternoon, a perfect way to end the week.


This week, in maths we have been learning all about fractions. We have looked at halves, quarters and thirds. We discussed, how the digit at the bottom tells us how many something has been split into and the number at the top tells us how many has been used. Also, we learnt about non unit and unit fractions. We learnt, unit fractions are when only one part has been used or coloured and non-unit fraction are when 2 or more parts have been used or coloured in.

Comic Relief

It was a fabulous day on Friday for Comic Relief. You all looked fantastic in your red clothes and your cool hair. We joined in with all the activities naming the teddy, face painting and many others.    

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!!

Week 3

World Book Day

On Thursday, it was a very special day as it was World Book Day! It was so fabulous to see everyone dressed up as their favourite character from their favourite book. For World Book Day we did many interesting and exciting lessons. We read the book Ivesti-Gators and then we acted part of the story out. After, we had some pictures from the book and in pairs we cut them up and then we had to stick them back together like a jigsaw. Later, we went to a book café. The classroom, we decked out like a café with books spread on the tables. We all had place mats and drew the front cover of the book. Next, we made a list of the 4 books which interested us. Lastly, we coloured a book mark in which we all took home.


This week, we learnt all about Martin Luther King Jr. We learnt many different facts about him. We discovered he was born in 1929, he did many famous speeches and he died in 1968. Our task ,was to make a fact file about him, everyone did a fabulous job.


This half term, we are learning about Holy week. Last week, we learnt about Palm Sunday and what happened on that day. This week, we learnt about Maundy Thursday. We discovered that Jesus had his Last Supper on this day and that one of his disciples (Judas) betrayed Jesus, which made him get arrested.


This half term, we a learning the song Hands, Feet and Heart, which a song from South Africa. We have been singing the song and this week we used the glockenspiels to play the song. We played the notes G, A and C. We all tried really hard and it sounded great!

Have a fabulous week, see you all on Monday!


Week 2


This week, we had a special visit from the Saltmine Bible Theatre Company. It was a fantastic show, which told many stories from the bible through acting, singing and dancing. We all loved it! Also, this week in our own RE lesson we learnt all about Palm Sunday. We talked about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and how the crowd waved palm leaves and laid down their coats. After, we learnt about this, we coloured and cut our own leaves out. Then, we went outside, made an alley and one person sat on a chair while people from the alley waved their palm leaves.

Sports Morning

Thursday morning, was sports morning. Some children went to Concord Sports Centre to have a go at some sport activities. The children who stayed at school, were split into teams and they also did some sport activities themselves. All of us had a fabulous morning!


This half term, we are learning all about textiles. We looked at some examples of hand puppets as we are going to be making them. We then thought about our own design and drew it.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


Week 1


This week, we have started our new topic of work. We have read the book The Day the Crayons Quit, and we have loved reading it. We then, received a letter from one of the crayons, asking us to help them by telling Duncan to use the colour white more. After, each group got a letter from a crayon and we had to act out how the crayon was feeling. Then, we all had to guess what crayon was been described by our actions.


This week, we continued our topic ‘Will I always be a Child’. We looked at the life cycle of a person again and listed the key stages of life. We all discussed what it was like to be a child and what we liked to do as children. After, we talked about being a teenager and what that might feel like and what that might look like. Later, we discussed what being an adult might be like. For our task, we picked a stage of life we were looking forward to being and drew what we might like to do at that particular stage of life.


In P.E we have moved onto invasion games. We discussed; what games could be played with two teams trying to score. We came up with great ideas, such as football, basketball, rugby, baseball, American football, cricket and many more. Then, we talked about keeping possession of the ball and why that is a good thing, when two teams play each other. We said that if you have possession the other team cannot score. In our lesson, we kept possession of a ball while we had defenders trying to take the ball of us. Then we played a game where someone was in the middle and the team had to pass around them, without them getting it.

HSBC maths

On Friday, we had a special visitor from the HSBC bank. We learnt, all about money. We discussed things we would want to buy and things which we needed to buy. We learnt about savings too. We discussed, if buying something cheaper and keeping the extra money would be better than buying something more expensive.

Forest School

We have had a fantastic time in the forest this week. We did some fantastic activities. In maths, we have been learning about arrays so in the forest we made different arrays. We have also learnt about sketching techniques in art. In the forest, we practiced sketching the landscape around us.