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Spring 2

Week 1


This week, we have started our new topic of work. We have read the book The Day the Crayons Quit, and we have loved reading it. We then, received a letter from one of the crayons, asking us to help them by telling Duncan to use the colour white more. After, each group got a letter from a crayon and we had to act out how the crayon was feeling. Then, we all had to guess what crayon was been described by our actions.


This week, we continued our topic ‘Will I always be a Child’. We looked at the life cycle of a person again and listed the key stages of life. We all discussed what it was like to be a child and what we liked to do as children. After, we talked about being a teenager and what that might feel like and what that might look like. Later, we discussed what being an adult might be like. For our task, we picked a stage of life we were looking forward to being and drew what we might like to do at that particular stage of life.


In P.E we have moved onto invasion games. We discussed; what games could be played with two teams trying to score. We came up with great ideas, such as football, basketball, rugby, baseball, American football, cricket and many more. Then, we talked about keeping possession of the ball and why that is a good thing, when two teams play each other. We said that if you have possession the other team cannot score. In our lesson, we kept possession of a ball while we had defenders trying to take the ball of us. Then we played a game where someone was in the middle and the team had to pass around them, without them getting it.

HSBC maths

On Friday, we had a special visitor from the HSBC bank. We learnt, all about money. We discussed things we would want to buy and things which we needed to buy. We learnt about savings too. We discussed, if buying something cheaper and keeping the extra money would be better than buying something more expensive.

Forest School

We have had a fantastic time in the forest this week. We did some fantastic activities. In maths, we have been learning about arrays so in the forest we made different arrays. We have also learnt about sketching techniques in art. In the forest, we practiced sketching the landscape around us.