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Spring 2


In our poetry unit, we have been exploring the theme dilemmas and commitments.  We used a conscience alley to explore the dilemma of wanting to stay in the park with our friends but needing to get home to help with jobs at home.  We've also been analysing the model poem and counting the syllables in each line.  We will use the model of eight syllables per line to write our own poems.


We have been learning about how plants reproduce in our science lesson this week.  We've taken cuttings and put them in water to wait for the roots to appear.  We will then plant these out into compost and watch out plants grow!

Pizza and popcorn class wide reward  

We had a fabulous afternoon this week for our class wide reward activity.  We used the Creative Zone to prepare and add the toppings for our pitta bread pizzas.  We then returned to the classroom to decorate and make a cone to hold our popcorn. The pupils watched a clip of a film and ate their popcorn while the pizzas cooked.  Finally, just before home time, Mrs Clements took the pizzas out of the oven and brought them back into class.  The general consensus was that they were delicious!  We may have some future pizza chefs in the making in Sun Kings class!  The way the pupils shared the ingredients during the making stage was very impressive.

Classical Poetry

We've been exploring classical poetry this week, focusing on two poems by the famous poet Robert Frost. 


We started our new gymnastics unit in PE this week. We explored symmetrical and asymmetrical balances. We were really impressed with these skills!