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Spring 2

Foxes completing some subtraction with our new base 10 maths equipment!

Weaving in Foxes based on our Geography topic 'Rivers' We used a shade of blues and greys!


Drama, Drama and more DRAMA!


Our first week back has been full of getting our heads into different character roles in drama!


Take a look at some of our freeze-frames in Literacy based on the Siege of Troy.

Forest School 

Day 1

What gorgeous February weather we've had on our first day of Forest School - Let's hope it keeps up for the rest of the week!!


Today we completed some Drama where we took on the role of Vikings invading East Anglia.



First, we got ourselves into 4 different viking tribes with ship heads. We then named our ships!

Once our boats landed on the shores of East Anglia we decided the most essential things we needed to survive. First, we made weapons to defend ourselves and catch food!

Then, we discussed what animals could be in the habitat and found hidden animals around the Forest School to eat! Luckily all four tribes found animals for a meal!

All of a sudden, a terrible STORM came. With only the sails from their ships the tribes had to build shelters to protect themselves from the storms wicked elements!

Mr Evans (Rain) and Miss Kendall (Wind) had great fun testing the shelters as the storms elements while the children hid inside!!!

Day 2

Today we continued with our Viking drama! 

We continued by eating some popcorn in groups while Miss Kendall read us a viking story of how Odin lost his eye.

Then, we went on a hunt for water in our tribes around the Forest School.

Finally, we found water and the four tribes met for the first time. Unfortunately, there was a battle and two tribes got captured!!! The captured teams got blindfolded and the other teams had to carefully direct them back to camp! The children's listening skills and giving clear instructions were put to the test.

After months of living together the four tribes decided they got along. We played some balance and agility teamwork games just as the Vikings did!


In Y4, our DT focus is building structures. Using twigs and branches in the Forest School we made a structures at tall as possible to balance an egg on top! There were a number of proud children and smiley faces!

We also had to try and make a raft to float the egg!

Day 4

We made rivers using only foil and twigs found in the forest school! We used lots of river terminology and worked well as groups. Some worked better than others! What do you think made a good river?