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Spring 2

Preparing for Easter

We have been busy in Elmers this week thinking about all things Easter. We have been listening to stories in RE with Miss Robinson finding out about what Easter means in the Christian faith. 


Finally before we break up for the Easter holiday we have been busy in the kitchen making some special Easter treats. 

We made our own chocolate nests for our baby chick. 

There were lots of learning opportunities in such a simple activity. 

We talked about the animals that made nests and what nests were for. 

We used our fine motor skills to carefully crush the cereal to make it look like sticks.

We snapped the chocolate pieces into the bowl and talked about how it had changed when we got it out of the microwave. 


We have also looked at what else happens during Easter, thinking about the new lambs we have been seeing in the fields. We have been learning the names of a range of different baby animal and trying to match them to their parents. 


Click the link below to play the baby animal matching game.

Forest School

The children had a wonderful time in forest school this week. 

There were lots of spring changes to observe, new buds on the trees, lots of new plants beginning to grow too. 

We decided to take some of our mark making tools up to the forest with us. 

The children had great fun making our own mud paint, and painting on the paper and the trees and also using the brushes and claws to scrape marks and pictures into the forest floor. 

On that Farm

We are excited this week to have started our new topic 'On that Farm'. The children have been listening to and identifying different farm animals. They are very good at matching the sounds to the animals. 

Follow the link below to play the Farm animal sounds game.

What a magical experience for the Elmer children. A visit from 'Ian's Mobile Farm' 

The children's faces were a picture of delight as they were able to see, touch, hear and groom some real farm animals. 

The children asked lots of great questions and listened very well to Farmer Ian telling them all about the animals he had brought.

A firm favourite though for all the children was 'Meg' the sheep dog. 


Learning Everywhere

We have many different areas in our Nursery where we can play and learn. Here are some of the activities we have been doing this week.


Developing strength in our fingers at the discovery table


Enjoying a book in our new comfy reading room



Learning how to French Skip - Developing our gross motor skills by jumping and balancing in our outside area.

and sometimes we venture a little further than our own classroom. 

We had great fun this week strengthening our leg muscles and developing our core strength as we climb the hill in the big playground and watch our tyres roll down. 

It was a great opportunity for the children to use new positional language, First, next, last. as well as waiting for their turn and sharing the tyres with their friends. 



African Drumming

What a fantastic start to the new half term. The children took part in an African Drumming workshop today and what amazing drummers they turned out to be. 

They listened carefully to the instructions and were able to follow simple signals. 

It was so lovely to to see the excitement and joy on the children's faces as they beat the drums, danced, listened and played along with new games. 

We also had a special treat of listening to the F2 children perform in the afternoon. They too were amazing.  

Please enjoy our photos and videos below.



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