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Spring 2

Personal, Social & Emotional Development 

We have read the story of ‘The King of Tiny Thing’. He looks after the creepy crawlies. He oiled a slug who had lost its slime and made a new leg for a sadly long legs. We chatted about how we can be helpful at home or at school. The Caterpillars had some gorgeous ideas. They wanted to set the table, help with the dishes and tidy their bedrooms. Let’s see if the proof is in the pudding!  

We read 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We talked about the robbers in the story and how they were not doing the right thing. We talked about our school rules are there to keep us safe and if we don't follow them, there are consequences. The Caterpillars wanted to talk about robbers going to prison. We discussed the country has a law and we need to follow it, just like our school rules. 

We listened to the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. We talked about how is was not right to tell lies. The boy in the story tricked the villages many times and when it was real, they didn't believe him. We loved acting it out! 

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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The Caterpillar Easter Egg Rolling Competiton 2024 

Physical Development

Working on our fine motor skills! 

We made butter to link into our farm theme. We talked about where milk and cream comes from. We followed a recipe to make butter. we put the cream into a tub with a marble to act as the whisk. We shook it and kept checking what it looked like inside. Very soon, it was butter. We used our fine motor skills to spread it onto the bread. It was very tasty!

We have strengthened our gross motor skills by rolling eggs down ramps. 

We used farm vehicles to make tyre tracks across the playground. This is strengthening our shoulders for writing. 

The children have been playing games linked to the Wild West: collecting cowboy ‘hats’, pretending to ride horses, digging for gold and running from the sheriff! They are really developing their listening and collaboration skills and their use of space. 


The Bog Baby went missing! We found a trail of slime and glitter. We decided we needed to write a missing poster to help other people who don't know him help us find him. 

We loved celebrating World Book Day! Well done everyone for your fantastic efforts. We loved having the Aslans come and read to us. It was such a lovely atmosphere. We loved sharing our own books at our Book Cafe 

Look at our amazing farm writing about what we saw. 


We have been looking at the Numberblocks 6,7 and 8. We saw the Numberblocks hiding behind each other playing ‘Peekabo’. We had a go… we found out pretty quickly that Mrs Selwood couldn’t hide behind anyone because she was too big. We tried adding more by standing on chairs and that still wasn’t enough! This sparked great conversation about which Numberblocks could hide behind each other and why. 

We looked at doubles and used our fingers to show an equal amount on each side. 

We have been looking at sorting odd and even numbers. The Caterpillars have loved finding the even tops and odd tops with help from the Numberblocks.

Understanding the World 

We made a habitat for our Bog Baby to live in. It was a rainy day so we talked about how he needed to stay dry and warm. We took them to the trees and made little houses for them. 

We loved our Chinese Dancing to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

We went on a minibeast hunt looking at where they lived. We built houses using sticks and leaves for them to burry in. We looked under plant pots, in the mud and deep inside the bug hotel. We found lots of worms and woodlice. We could tick them off our checklist. 

For our Class Wide Reward Party, we turned our classroom into the cinema. We made milkshakes to link to our farm topic and used a popcorn maker for our snack. We voted to watch Madagascar and used our maths knowledge from the week to pay at the shop.

We have been on a fossil hunt using our Geography skills. We looked at a map of the school grounds and found where the fossils had been hidden. We went exploring and found lots of fossils and rocks. 

We went on an Odd Egg hunt. We Used our maps skills we had learnt from our fossil hunting and draw our own maps of the F2 Yard and marked where we found the eggs. 

We talked about Palm Sunday and what that means to Christians. We acted out the story of Jesus riding through Jerusalem on a donkey. 

Palm Sunday

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During our time in the forest,  we were fossil hunters. We made fossils by pressing dinosaurs into clay. Once they were dry, we hid them around the forest and went fossil hunting. 

Expressive Art and Design

We had a great day African Drumming. We loved our visit from Unbeatable Energy and we hope the parents enjoyed our performance. We really enjoyed playing the different drums and learning different rhythms. 

We made our own Bog Bay by sculpting clay and adding different features such as eyes, wings and legs. We thought carefully about the shape of our Bog Baby and used our Dough Disco rolling skills to roll a ball. 

We have been learning about Minibeasts. We used our imagination and expressive art and design skills to create our own minibeast.