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Spring 2 Exploring the Rainforest

- Week 1 - 

In Music, we enjoyed composing our own accompaniment before recording our final performance of 'Three Little Birds'...

In Computing, we have started our new unit exploring different ways in which data can be presented. We had a go at creating our own branch diagrams to sort rainforest animals. 

In Citizenship, we have been discussing the question 'Are all friends the same?'. We created a 'tangled web' which shows how we are all connected in many ways. We thought about how we are all similar in some ways but different in others and that it's important to value our differences. We also enjoyed reading the story 'Ramadan Moon' by Na'ima B. Robert - a story about the beauty, unity and excitement of Ramadan. 

The Halle Orchestra at the City Hall

We are all really looking forward to our trip to the City Hall on Friday 10th March. In preparation, we have been asked to rehearse two songs that we will be performing along with everyone else in the audience. The first is a really upbeat, lively, positive, happy song called 'Life Is A Wonderful Thing'. Below you will find a PDF with the lyrics and a link to a website so that you can hear and join in with it!

Details of the second song will be with you very this space...

- Week 2 - 

We had an exciting start to the week with our first violin lesson with Heather from the Sheffield Music Hub. After warming up with a singing challenge, we learnt about the different parts of a violin, how to hold the violin and the four notes - Greedy Dogs Always Eat. Here we are in action.... 

In Geography, we have been learning about the water cycle. First, we set up a water cycle in a bag so that we could observe the different stages of the water cycle. 

Then, we created 3D models to show the four stages of the water cycle in the rainforest. It rains a lot in a tropical rainforest because of the high temperatures and the abundance of plants. The long root of the trees and plants take up water from the soil and release water vapour into the air through their leaves. This is called transpiration. As the temperature in the rainforest increases during the day, it causes water to evaporate. The water vapour rises, cools and condenses to form clouds to make the next day's rain. This water fall s back to the earth as precipitation. The rain is intercepted by trees as it falls. Only some rain reaches the ground. The whole process is repeated daily and the cycle continues. 

Here are the resources for the second song...Hans Zimmer's 'Earth'. It's a slightly more complex song than Life Is A Wonderful Thing, but we'll rise to the challenge! Click HERE to practise with the Music Hub. 





In English, we explored the whole-school picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We looked more closely at the opening of the text and used drama to generate ideas for dialogue between the main character and members of her family. After recapping the rules of speech, we worked with a partner to write a narrative paragraph for this part of the story. 

In Citizenship, we explored the book 'Along Came a Different', a very special picture book that supports the idea that there is more that unites us than divides us. Along Came a Different just goes to show how much better we can all be when we come together to find common ground as friends.

You can listen to the story again HERE

- Week 3 - 

In Spanish, we have been learning how to say the months of the year - los meses del año.

- Week 4 - 

This week, we boarded the coach and headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! When we arrived, we walked around the park and saw baboons, painted dogs, ring tail and red belly lemurs, wallabies, giant sea otters, polar bears, tigers, giraffes, leopards and rhinos. Then, we made our way to the Discovery classrooms where we took part in a workshop all about rainforest animals. We looked at the animals which live in each of the different layers and learnt more about some of YWP's rainforest animals. We also got the chance to handle a range of animals bio-facts and live animals including a Brazil nut shell, stick insects, giant snails and cockroaches. After lunch in the sunshine, we said hello to the cheeky meerkats before ending saying hello to our fellow Aslan! Watch the video below to see him bounding over to greet us....🦁

- Week 5 - 

- Week 6 -