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Spring 2 Exploring the Rainforests

- Week 1 - 

In Geography, we have been learning about the climate in the tropical rainforests. We studied the latest weather updates for Manaus, Brazil and used this information to write and present our own weather forecasts. Don't worry, we made sure to warn our viewers to pack their raincoats! 

- Week 2 - 

This week, we have started rehearsing the song 'Ai Caramba!' which we will be performing during our trip to see the Halle Orchestra next Friday!

In English this week, we have been reflecting on our year so far in order to write our school reports. Our next unit of writing will require a little research about 'Super Sloths' as we're going to be writing a non-chronological report (a fact file) all about these curious creatures. 

In Forest School, we have been learning about the different layers that make up a tropical rainforest. We considered why different animals choose to spend their time in different layers and enjoyed playing 'Who am I?'

- Week 3 - 

In Maths this week, we have been learning how to divide larger numbers by sharing out the tens and ones then combining the total. 

We moved onto some harder questions where we have to exchange a ten!


We have also investigated division by grouping where we ended up with a remainder!


We explored a Y3 favourite 'Dogman' and acted out parts of the story, improvising and creating dialogue between the characters. 

We enjoyed exploring how illustrators show different emotions in graphic novels and enjoyed having a go ourselves. 

One of the highlights of the day was heading downstairs to the Caterpillars classroom to read with our reading buddies

We finished the day by visiting the Reading Cafe where we were able to sample a range of books to get a flavour for what we might like to read next!

On Friday, we visited Sheffield City Hall to watch the Halle Orchestra perform!

- Week 4 - 

In Geography, we have been thinking about the question 'Why does it rain so much in the tropical rainforests?'. We explored the water cycle and created our own models to show the continuous process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection

In Science, we have been discussing what we feel are the most and least important things about plants. We considered how people in different professions could have different opinions eg. a chef might consider the fact that plants can be used as food very important whereas a florist might argue that being able to sell plants to make money was more important. I think we all agreed that the statement 'Plants help us breathe by releasing oxygen' was an important one! 

We have also been planning and setting up an investigation to observe how different factors affect a plants growth - water, sunlight, space, soil and air. We planted one test pot (the blue sad pot) and one control pot (the happy pink pot). Over the coming weeks, we will observe how the test seed grows compared with the control seed. 

In Maths, we have been exploring how we can use multiplication and division to solve scaling problems. 

In English, we have been analysing the organisational and language features used in non-chronological reports. We enjoyed reading different fact files about rainforest animals and learning interesting new information about these creatures. Of course, we also 'magpied' some of the technical language used to make sure we sound highly knowledgeable when writing our own reports about sloths. 

As part of the planning process, we looked at how we could group our sloth facts into different sections. We also thought about the order that we wanted to share these facts with the reader and how we could link connected facts using conjunctions. 

In Guided Reading this half term, we have enjoyed exploring a collection on Anthony Browne books including 'Voices in the Park', 'The Tunnel' and 'Zoo'. We have particularly enjoyed analysing the illustrations and deciphering the hidden messages and links to other stories. 

In PE, we have been rehearsing our latest dance with Dazzle Dance Amy.

We also took part in the Walkley 'Design a Red Nose' competition! 

- Week 5 - 

This week, we boarded the coach and headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! When we arrived, we walked around the park and saw baboons, painted dogs, ring tail and red belly lemurs, wallabies, giant sea otters, polar bears, a tiger, a giraffe, a leopard and a rhino and it's newborn baby! Then, we made our way to the Discovery classrooms where we took part in a workshop all about rainforest animals. We looked at the animals which live in each of the different layers and learnt more about some of YWP's rainforest animals. We also got the chance to handle a range of animals bio-facts and live animals including a Brazil nut shell, giant snails and cockroaches. After lunch in the sunshine, we said hello to the cheeky meerkats before ending saying hello to our fellow lionesses! ....🦁

- Week 6 -