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Spring 2 South American Adventure

Year 3's time in Mexico has sadly come to an end but our next adventure will take us to the exciting continent of South America. We will be delving into the depths of the Amazon rainforest and learning how to locate the equator, tropics and the rainforests using atlases. We will be learning about the effects of deforestation and the impact humans are having on the world's rainforests. Follow our adventure right here on our class page!

- Week 3 - 

Welcome back Aslans!


This week, we have started reading our brilliant new class book, The Explorer. We have been using our drama skills to act out the dramatic first chapter of the story - The Flight - and have been making inferences about the different character's thoughts and feelings. We have magpied lots of powerful vocabulary for us to use when writing our recounts next week.


You can re-listen to the author, Katherine Rundell, reading the first chapter of the book by clicking HERE.

All the things I missed about you....

This week's kindness challenge was to share all the things we missed about each other while we were kept apart during lockdown. I think it's safe to say the Aslans missed seeing each other every day!

In Geography, we have been learning about the different layers that make up the rainforest and the types of animals that inhabit them. We worked collaboratively to build models showing the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory and the forest floor. Watch this space for the finished masterpieces!


It was beginning to look like we might not get to celebrate World Book Day together this year...until....

What a fantastic first week back Aslans!

We have been so impressed with how you've settled back into school life and it's been so lovely

seeing all your smiling faces. We hope you've enjoyed your first week in our new classroom.

See you all on Monday!

- Week 4 -


The Explorer - The children have persevered with their attempts to build a raft and are now ready to set off on their first trip down the Amazon river. What will they find....?


Science - Brilliant Bodies 

We've been learning about the different food groups and why the body needs different types of nutrients. We also looked closely at the information on food labels. It's made us feel very hungry! 

The Flight...

The Explorer - The children suspect that Max secretly ate the rest of the pineapple but it turned out he was telling the truth! He was trying to feed 'the animal' which was a baby sloth and their new pet. They named him Abacaxi which is Portuguese for pineapple - Baca for short!

Red Nose Day 2021


This Friday, we dressed in red to raise money for Comic Relief. We also enjoyed nose and spoon races, laughed at Mr Butler's jokes and watched the teachers take on the Malteser Chopstick Challenge! 


As well as all the fun, we were busy finishing and editing our first drafts of Fred's story of 'The Flight'. 

Another brilliant week Aslans - well done for being such whizzy workers!
Remember to have a look at this week's online homework! Click HERE to go to our homework page.

- Week 5 - 

Mrs Sian previously tasked each class with producing a piece of artwork inspired by a book for our brand new Discovery Zone which is home to our Walkley library. Of course, Y3 chose to create their artwork based on our captivating class story - The Explorer. Here are some examples of their fantastic work!
Wow Aslans! Your recounts of 'The Flight' were just fabulous! Such detailed and powerful writing - amazing!

Terrific Toucans

In Art this week, we have been drawing one of the Amazon rainforest's most recognisable birds - the terrific toucan. We have started adding colour to our artwork and practising blending using oil pastels. 

Whilst we're currently unable to go on any school trips, Y3 have taken the opportunity to take a virtual class trip to the Amazon rainforest using the 360° video below - the power of technology! Watch the video below to explore the world's largest rainforest for yourself....

- Week 6 - 

Super Sloth Week!

In Literacy, we have been using different sources to find out everything there is to know about these fascinating creatures ready to write and publish our very own fact files later in the week!


Did you know, sloths are surprisingly good swimmers? They use their long arms to propel themselves through the water!

WOW Aslans!! What an amazing final day publishing your brilliant fact files - we will add the finishing touches after the holidays!

Rainforest Animal Drawing Tutorials