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Spring 2 South American Adventure

This week's homework was a 'make'...and the Borrowers certainly rose to the challenge! Our classroom is awash with boxes full of rainforests (including some very scary-looking animals...) The scenes have been created imaginatively, using natural and manmade materials, drawings, toys and clay. Just incredible. 

Here are some photographs of the children confidently and clearly presenting their work, followed by close up shots of the forests - look out for those hidden creatures (bonus points if you spot the pterodactyl!) 

UNICEF Rights of the Child poster competition

The Borrowers are focusing on 'The right to proper medical care'. As we discussed today, this not only includes access to doctors and hospitals, but vaccines, clean water and air, and a healthy lifestyle. You have a right to all of these!

Your poster could focus on just one of these, or more - it's up to you.... but make sure it is clear, bold and bright. Use simple, large images and just a few clear words - maybe a tagline or slogan.

The UNICEF logo and a draft outline plan of a poster are attached to help you, if you need them.

You have until 9am on Monday 28th March 2022 to complete your poster and return it to school. Good luck, Borrowers! Can't wait to see what you create...

Our South American Adventure has begun! One of the first things we have done is to write and perform a 'list poem', based on the contents of an explorer's rucksack. There have been some very 'imaginative' ideas...

Here is a video of some of the performances, which were absolutely brilliant - what a confident bunch of performers the Borrowers are!

List Poems