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Spring 2 -South American Adventure

Year 3's time in Mexico has sadly come to an end but our next adventure will take us to the exciting continent of South America.

We will be delving into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. We will be learning how to locate the equator, tropics and the rainforests on a world map. We will be learning about the effects of deforestation and the impact humans are having on the world's rainforests. We will be exploring the sounds of the rainforest in music and will be starting our new DT focus, textiles! Follow our adventure right here on our class page.

Week 1 - An Exciting Start

Year 3 have had an eventful start to this half term with the discovery of a partially flooded pod! We have set up our classroom in the hall and the children have been fantastic. We've had a busy day asking questions about the Amazon rainforest, solving a maths mystery, starting our new class story, 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell, continuing with our coding and learning to play a song from the jungle book on the glockenspiels! We've had some amazing learning log work already including some fantastic rainforests. Keep up the great work Aslans!

The Explorer

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When their plane crashes, four children are stranded in the Amazon jungle. Now they have to survive alone. But was someone there before them?

We have enjoyed reading the first three chapters: Flight; The Dark Green and The Den. The children have made some fantastic predictions about the plot so far and are enjoying finding out more about the four main characters Fred, Con, Lila and Max.

Week 2 -'Escape the Rainforest' 

Year 3 were set a code breaking challenge today set in our forest school. After finding all the hidden clues, they had to solve a number of mathematical puzzles to reveal the code to help them find their way out of the rainforest. They worked brilliantly in teams despite the challenges created by the blustery weather! Great work Aslans! 

Rainforest Dens

In forest school, Year 3 have been busy working in teams to build a den like the one the children found in our class book 'The Explorer'. The children had some fantastic ideas about what makes a good den and worked brilliantly in their teams to create their own. 


Week 3 - Performing Poetry

In literacy, we have been reading and performing a range of different poems all about rainforests. The children worked brilliantly in their groups to share ideas on how they could perform each poem and enjoyed sharing these with the rest of the class. We have also magpied words and phrases to use when we write our own acrostic poems.

Save the Rainforest

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Week 4 - Where are the Rainforests?

In creative curriculum, Year 3 have been busy using atlases and globes to locate rainforests all over the world. We discovered that all the rainforests are near the equator and lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. They have then created their own maps to show all of the information they found.

Cookie Classwide Reward Party

Year 3 have had a brilliant day enjoying their well earned classwide reward party. They have been busy in Walkley kitchen baking smartie cookies which we are going to use in our bake sale to raise money for our trip to York's Chocolate Story.

Fun in the forest!

On Thursday, we combined World Book Day with Forest Schools. The children worked in groups to create a trailer for a film set in a forest. They had to decide on the genre of film they wanted to create a trailer for and then story board their plan for the trailer. We then went into the forest to record our trailers using the i-Movie app. Once we had filmed our trailers, we added text to give the highlights of the action in our films. We had a lot of fun filming and we are very proud of what we produced. Fantastic teamwork Aslans!

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