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Spring term 2

This week in Anansi class we have been learning about capacity. We experimented with various containers to see which could hold the greatest amount of liquid. We compared shapes and sizes and discussed how full the containers were. 



This week we have been planting in science. We learned what plants needed to survive and then we had a go at planting some broad beans. We're looking forward to taking care of them and seeing them sprout!

The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

The Needs of a Plant5 things plants need to stay aliveTo purchase this song in video format (.mp4) or audio format (.m4a), please visit www.harrykindergarten...

Red Nose Day!

Anansi Far out in Space

Far out in Space.... 


This week the Anansis have been writing their own songs. We started by learning a song using actions and pictures.

Anansi Down in the Jungle SD 480p

We then shared ideas of what we might find in space...
We then started to replace ideas from the existing song with our own ideas to write our own song using actions to help us learn the words. 
Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back to our new Anansi class!! We are so excited to be all back together and in our exciting new school too! You have all been superstars at coming back to school and remembering our rules and how to be kind and friendly to each other. It is lovely to see you all with your friends, playing and chatting together. 

We have been doing lots of art and group work to allow lots of talk and discussion opportunities to give chance to ask any questions and discuss the changes. Keep up the amazing work!

We looked at a story about colours and emotions. Next we discussed how different colours made us feel and that these can be different for everybody. We then drew or coloured in any way we wanted to express how returning to school made us feel.