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Spring term 2

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we looked at classic flying saucers from films and comics. Using paper plates and ice cream tubs we created the flying saucer shape. The children decided on their spacey design and began to paint. Being mindful of how they were to be displayed, the children made sure that their colours were displayed from below as well as on top. Whilst they were waiting for their turn to paint, the rest of the children made flying saucers using Lego. See what you think: 

Grow, Grow, Grow Grow, GROW!!!!

Recently, in science we have been thinking about the changes in the world around us caused by the Seasons. We have continued with some of the work we did during Lockdown, looking at the structure of plants and how they grow. 

We had a super discussion about what the different parts of the plant were called and what their jobs were we also built a giant class flower.

We became gardeners and made our own Youtube how to videos to show how to plant a Bean and then as the scientists that we are, we made predictions of what we think might happen to the Beans during the Easter holidays. 

Happy Easter!




Gardeners for the day

Finally, we pretended that our bodies were the Bean plants and practiced growing from a seed into a plant.

The Giants become bean plants!

Our Space Song

This week we have learned three verses of the "Down in the jungle" song. Here we are performing it:

Down In the Jungle

The Giants have learned the "Down in the jungle" song with three verses.

Next we spent some time thinking of things that were out in space that we could put in our own version of the song. We then adapted the pictures we used to help us learn the song. The originals looked like this.
Now it was time to draw our own plans. Here are just a few.

Giants far out in space

The children did a fabulous job of writing their own verses from their plans. Here are the Giants performing their best verses.

Giants' Space Songs

The Giants are performing their own compositions.

World Book Day

What an amazing and fun day! Not only did we start our golden assemblies again, but we had lots of fun drawing covers of our favourite books, watching the world book day rap and we even had a Jackanory from Mr. Clements. It was lovely seeing all the children in their amazing costumes. Although I did regret stopping at the supermarket dressed as Dr Dolittle this morning!

Welcome back wonderful Walkley children!

We are so happy to see your lovely smiling faces again. Although it was nice to move in to our swanky new school in January, it felt strange with so few children in the classrooms. We can't use the special facilities such as the dance studio or the creative zone but it's been amazing seeing the classrooms full of life again!

It has been important to gradually help the children get back into the routine of school life. In year 1 we have been focusing on art and maths and finding time to read with each child.

One of our targets in creative curriculum is line drawing with pencils. This week we have been learning what a portrait is and how to draw a self-portrait using mirrors. The children have taken to it like Van Gogh to sunflowers...

In maths we are learning about measuring length. Before using rulers we learn the concepts of 'longer' and 'shorter' whilst using a standard measurement. In this lesson we used blocks as our measure.