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Spring Term 2

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We have enjoyed a fantastic week where we have had lots of opportunities to talk with each other, work in groups and explore parts of our new school. Well done to everyone!

This week we have been exploring 3D shapes and counting faces, edges and vertices. Here are the Gruffalos building triangular prisms, cubes, cuboids, pyramids and even a pentagonal prism!

We have read a story inspired by Hokusai's wonderful, "The Great Wave" picture. Well done Gruffalo artists for these versions of this incredible japanese wood block print!

This week we've been helping a lonely yeti who is struggling to make friends. The children are planning their own video to send to the yeti with advice to help him. Here is an example video from Miss Robinson's series 'Life advice for yetis'....

Y2: Life advice for yetis

Well done this week's award winners

Week 2

This term in PE we are doing gymnastics and ball handling skills. PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. Please could the children come to school in PE clothes on these days.

On Thursday in maths we were working at Mario's Pizzeria. It was hard work to make the different pizzas. For example, Pizza Roma was 3/4 chicken and 1/4 cheese. Please check out these superb chefs in action!

Over the last 2 weeks we have been designing and making our own "Land Ahoy!" board games to show what we have learnt from our previous topic. Here are the Gruffalos saving ocean creatures, cleaning beaches of plastic and repairing submarines!

Happy Red Nose Day everyone. Thank you for all your generous donations. We had a great time in school sharing jokes, watching the teachers have a malteesers and chop sticks face off and having a "nose and spoon" competition!


We have started posting spelling and maths homework on the home learning section of the blog. Also here is a link to this week's maths mild, spicy and flaming hot homework!

Well done this week's award winners

Week 3

Many of us are in the midst of writing poetry inspired by Kit Wright's wonderful poem "The Magic Box". We will share the work later on, but please have a listen to this tremendous poem now to realise why your child has been talking about Lake Lucerne and three wishes spoken in gujarati!

The Gruffalos putting memories and senses into a magic box

The Gruffalos had a ball today doing fractions bingo, quartering glasses of water and making 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 pizza slices using playdough during a carousel maths activity. Well done practical mathematicians!

The Gruffalos making brilliant origami cats and dogs!

Origami History

The Gruffalos have been looking at the art of Origami as part of our Japan topic

The Gruffalos designed and built lunch boxes capable of being water proof and could withstand a seagull attack. Bravo Y2s for your excellent teamwork and unique designs. We will carry out an experiment on our lunch boxes next week with water pistols and a nerf gun!

Well done this week's award winners!

Week 4

It is lovely Mrs Nellist's last day at Walkely. The Gruffalos wanted to wish her well in style by making a "Good luck" card with a japanese twist. Great Maneki-neko cat, origami, messages and kanji writing everyone!

Here is how to make an origami cat at home. Remember the paper needs to be a square shape.

The Gruffalos were off to the shops buying Gruffalo and Stormwhale goods. Excellent concrete, pictorial and abstract maths were on display!

Well done to the Gruffalos for an excellent science experiment. Please ask your child if their lunch box design was water proof and could protect the sushi from seagull attacks (3 nerf gun darts!)

Here are a few examples of the children's tremendous Magic Box poems. Super descriptions and use of abstract nouns can be witnessed!