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Spring Term 2 - Safari and Jungle adventure

Week 3

This week we have started set 2 sounds in RWI. We also started working with our perfect partners to review set 1 sounds and read green words as part of our new ditty groups.

We were very impressed with how well the children listened and worked together, supporting each other. We read the story and even had a go at adding expression to make it more interesting for the reader. Then we had a go at a hold a sentence on our whiteboards. Well done everyone!


In Maths, this week we have been comparing groups. We counted how many children were having each kind of lunch and compared them to see which one was the most popular. 


In topic we solved a riddle to find out which animal we were going to learn about next. The answer was.....Meerkats! We wrote simple brainstorms to describe what meerkats can do, what they look like and what they eat. Just look at our amazing writing, we are getting more confident with Fred fingers everyday. Great job everyone.

PE in the yard

The sun shone for our first PE lesson outside. We remembered lots ok skills from before Christmas. After our warm up, we moved around 5 different equipment stations where we showed off lots of physical skills:

  • Throwing, catching and balancing bean bags.
  • Balancing coits whilst crossing stepping stones.
  • Taking a ball for a walk around the obstacles.
  • Balancing on stilts.
  • Hula-hooping and skipping.

Week 2

This week we re-started out RWI lessons with a review of our set 1 sounds, some Fred talk and green words. Then we practised writing words in different ways including:

  • in the sand
  • on whiteboards
  • on our new touchscreen whiteboard
  • with playdough
  • with chalk
  • with magnetic letters
In maths, we have been learning about the numbers 9 and 10. We found different ways to make 9 using the numicon. We put the pieces on top of number 9 to check that they matched and counted up to 9. Later in the week we are going to use 10 frames. We have also been counting up to 30 and working out one more than a number.
In topic we have been learning all about giraffes. We found out lots of facts using the internet and from a video. After that we looked carefully at the features of a giraffe including a long neck, 4 thin legs and a patterned skin and then we made giraffes out of playdough.

Week 1

Welcome back everyone!

We are overjoyed that we are back together again. We missed you all so much. It was heartwarming to see all your smiley faces on the first day back and see how excited you were to see our new classroom. Have you told your grown ups all about it?  We talked about what has changed and what is new like our amazing new touchscreen whiteboard and the huge windows. We talked about what we were looking forward to including playing with the caterpillars, exploring the new outside area and of course fish finger wrap Fridays!


In our first week back we learned all about the new classroom and reviewed our school rules. We also did lots of circle time groups where we talked about what we enjoyed doing at home and which lessons we enjoyed. Lots of the children had spotted Crumble the cat in the videos. She is quite the online star now!


We also enjoyed lots of time playing with our friends whom we've missed so much during lockdown. It's great to be able to play and learn with the caterpillars too. 


In our topic time we read the story of 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson. We named the characters and then we made some paper plate versions of them. We were good at recalling the story and working out which animal was which using the clues.


We are so proud of all the children for doing fantastic listening, being kind friends and smiling all week long. Well done everyone!


World Book Day

On Friday we enjoyed a delayed World Book Day. The children looked amazing in their costumes and pyjamas. We listened to lots of stories including The story of David Bowie who ECM had come dressed as, and Little Miss Scatterbrain, which Miss Baron was dressed up as.

Some children drew fantastic book covers to go on display in the new library and then we had Jackanory time with ...Mr Tickle who read... Mr Tickle. It was brilliant!