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Spring Term 2 - Safari

Week 6

What a fabulous final week we have had! We have loved being together over the last few weeks and are already excited about Summer 1. 

In Maths this week we have had love of fun looking at 2D and 3D shapes with an Easter theme. 


In P.E, we have lots of fun playing my favourite game 'not in my garden'. It is a game practising our throwing skills, whist getting the "rubbish" out of your garden into the other teams garden. We had so much fun, we even made it a bit Eastery and pretended the balls were Easter Eggs.

We had lots of fun making our beautiful Easter Cards. We hope you love them as much as we do. We were sat reading an Easter Story when I spotted something fluffy hopping outside. We went out and found lots of eggs hidden. We had so much fun on our egg hunt. 

This week we said goodbye to Mrs Nellist. We wish you all the very best in your new exciting job. We will miss you lots and are really looking forward for you to come back and visit soon. 

Have a fabulous Easter Holiday everyone. See you in two weeks time. 

Love from 

Miss Hill 

Week 5

This week, we have had another week of fun, laughter and learning. We have started our Set 2 sounds in RWI and the children are enjoying working with their Perfect Partner. We have been reading, writing and Fred Talking words with our new vowel sounds in. We are enjoying reading the Ditty books with our partner. 

In maths, we have done lots of comparing numbers and the children have used good mathematical language whilst making bead caterpillars. 

In Science with Mrs English, we have been looking at daffodils and signs of spring. The Caterpillars have made their own bunch of daffodils, looks closely at a real daffodil and labelled the different parts.  

We have had a very active week. We loved our outside P.E this week where we practised lots of skills we learnt from before Christmas. 

  • balancing a ball on a bat
  • walking of stilts 
  • throwing and catching a quoit 
  • bean bag circle games 
  • stepping stones 

On Friday, we loved MEGA MOVE IT DAY. Dancing is something we love in Caterpillars. So to have a reason to do it every hour was fabulous. It was great to have another week of Friday Fun. 

We have done some fabulous writing about meerkats and giraffes this week. This children have used their Fred Fingers and have amazed us with their efforts! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

See you next week for 4 days before the holiday


Miss Hill 

Week 4

This week, we have had lots of fun now we are all feeling more settled into our new surroundings. It has been really lovely to chat to the parents this week at hear about Home Learning. 

In school, we spent the week looking back at our RWI Set 1 sounds and doing some fabulous writing. 

Our Maths this week has been looking at numbers 9 and 10. We found lots of different ways to make 9 with Numicon and used a 10 frame to see how many ways we could make the number 10. 
We had learnt so many facts about giraffes. We made playdough giraffes with long necks and 4 long legs. 

We had a great day at Red Nose Day. We had a day full of jokes, laughter and fun! We loved Mr Butler's joke shop, Nose and spoon races and a staff Malteser vs chopstick game. Thank you for your donations to this great cause. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend 


Miss Hill 

Week 3

It has been just fabulous to welcome the Caterpillars into our brand new classroom. We have loved seeing every smiling face come through the door. Thank you for the last few months. What an amazing effort everyone has put in. 

This week, we have loved exploring our new classroom. We have been so busy finding lots of new things to discover, but I think a highlight for us is our new construction area! It has been a very popular zone in the classroom and loved by everyone. 

We have had lots of circle times talking about our time at home, reminding ourselves of expectations at school and just enjoying chatting and laughing together again. 

To finish of a fabulous week, we loved World Book Day. Your outfits were brilliant. We had such a variety. We enjoyed a Caterpillar Fashion Show and everyone told us who they were. We even had a visit from Elsa and celebrated 50 years of the Mr Men by listening to Mr Tickle, read by our very own... Mr Tickle. 

We did Scavenger Hunts in story books, designed our own book covers and drew our favorite book characters. We even had time to hear Supertato tell us some stories about his adventures in the supermarket. 

We hope you have a lovely Mother's Day. 


We are already excited for next week. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Hill

( Mrs Nellist, Mrs Wallis, Mrs English and Miss Hudson)