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Summer 1

The astronauts and engineers of the Walkley Space Agency this afternoon launched a fleet of rockets to determine the best design that could be created using a single sheet of A4 paper. Two launches of each rocket were made and an average flight distance calculated. Individual flight lengths varied from 1.81m to a stopped-by-the-wall distance of 8.5m! The longest combined average distance was produced by the 'Super Star' rocket, designed and built by the all-female team of MMcN and SM.

Classwide Reward - Friday 28th May 2021

Our Classwide Reward theme will be 'sport'. Please come in sporty outfits ( football kits allowed!)

Thank you!

This afternoon the Varjak Paws celebrated Eid.

So our time in Forest School came to an end this morning. We made the most of the sunshine and worked in pairs on a treasure hunt and leaf identifying activity. One of us was particularly brave with our choice of outfit!

Forest School Maths

We took our maths lesson outside today in Forest School. We took the challenge of making different types of angles and shapes.  We then estimated and measured different objects and worked out whose estimate was the closest. 

Leopard Dens

We worked in teams to build dens for our lovely leopard. There were some very imaginative and thoughtful ideas presented and the leopard was very happy to try them all out!    


Forest School! It's the Varjak's turn in Forest School until Wednesday this week. Here we can see the surveyors of the class, braving the rain, mapping out the Forest School site.

The Varjaks make their contribution to Tennyson Ted's finishing touches under the guidance of Miss. Green.

Varjak Paws have been busy using the ipads in their lessons this morning.  In maths, we worked hard to perfect our times tables and learnt how to use a virtual protractor to measure angles.  In creative curriculum, we researched the life and work of Henri the famous French artist Henri Matisse.