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Summer 1

There's a dragon at our school!!!

Shockingly, at Walkley Primary School over the Easter holidays, there were many sightings of a Dragon on site! A member of the public even managed to capture the dragon on camera!


We even spotted some dragon eggs scattered around school and footprints of where it had been.

Dr Mark Apollo came into school and told us that this was a very rare Brantley Red Dragon. He gave us a set of instructions on how to trap a dragon so we learnt the text through a story map and made our own actions. We did most of this as a class but the final part with a partner. Here are a couple of examples of story maps in our books.

Eventually Dr Mark Apollo successfully managed to catch the dragon around school (Hurrah!!) but it wasn't over there.. he informed us there was a new creature around school... a Frost Giant. We learnt all about Frost Giants and decided to innovate our original set of instructions to help catch this ferocious mythical beast.

Here are some of our final set of instructions!


Dr Mark Apollo eventually allowed us to have a peak at the dragon he caught on our school playground. However, he only managed to catch a glimpse of it! 

We used oil pastel to draw a dragons eye and blend colours together. Here are some excellent examples from Fantastic Foxes!


We also learnt that the Vikings believed a carved dragon, eagle or snake placed at the front of their longboats would protect them from harm and evil. 

Here we used our sketching skills to draw some Viking boat heads, have a look at some examples form our arty Y4's.


This week Heather (our music teacher) introduced glockenspiels to Year 4. Here is a sneak peak of use practicing our 'Hot Cross Buns' song! Enjoy!

Y4 Foxes Music

Forest School

This week in Forest School we participated in some drama based around a Viking funeral looking at Viking beliefs. We also found hidden messages written in ancient Runes. Then we made patterns and shapes with a line of symmetry in Maths. 

We also had a competition in groups to make the longest river where we reflected on some definitions and key words and enjoyed working as a team! 


Watch our video to see our sign language performance of 'This Is Me!'

Y4 Sound (This Is Me)