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Summer 1

Week 5

The children have really enjoyed learning about different people in history who have positively changed the world. The year 2s have now been commissioned by the UN to produce a piece of art that will sit proudly on the wall of the UN building in New York. This work needs to celebrate these wonderful people who we admire. Through the medium of collage the children have paid tribute to five of these giants. They have chosen Emmeline Pankhurst, Mahatma Ghandi, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Ruby Bridges.

Week 4

Science this term is all about plants. The children are learning that plants are living things and require things to grow. Ask your children what they think plants need. To see these things in action, Mrs Lucas and Mrs Chetcuti helped them plant some sunflower seeds. In class, the children have taken it in turns to water them As you can see, they have begun to sprout!

Our second PE topic this term is Yoga. The first week, the children were learning to copy and repeat yoga poses. We began by regulating our breathing.

Our yoga theme was under the sea. The first pose we learned was the "Seaweed", making a long stretched shape.

Our next pose was "The shark", freezing and making our bodies really tense.

The next pose was "The pebble", by making our bodies into a curled shape.

In the main part of the lesson, the children learned lots of new poses, including the dolphin, seal, turlte, starfish, jellyfish and boat. All of these were put into a sequence performed to sotthing sea music!

Week 3

Secret Agent Training

It's nearly time for the year 2s to do their Secret Agent Training. The only preperation they need to do at home is to go to bed at a regular time, carry on the home reading and continue to access the home learning such as "Spelling Shed","Times Tables Rockstars" and the Google classroom.

We have also been using some fun games in class that I have promised the children to share to you.

This week in athletics we were learning the long jump and the high jump. To achieve greater distances and height the children needed to bend their knees to help push off, look forward at take off and landing, have soft bent knees on landing and swing their arms up at take off.

Week 2

It's time to finally test our lunchbox prototypes. To make the experiment a fair test we made sure each design was tested the same. Each design was shot at 3 times by a nerf gun dart to simulate seagull attacks. Each design was squirted 3 times by a water pistol to simulate rain. Finally each design was checked at the same place to see if the sushi was dry, undamaged and edible.

We are in our last week of our Rising sun topic. The children have had a chance to display their prototype and have taken on board suggestions from the rest of the class. Using these suggestions, the children can tweek their design ready for our experiment.

This term in PE, one of our topics is athletics. The first week is all about sprinting. Of course we warm up first.

The children were learning to run at different speeds by running using opposite leg forward to arm. Taking bigger strides when running faster and using a slower pace for longer distances.

Week 1

The DT and science lessons have been based on the idea of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Here is a powerpoint version of the story for you to read. This will explain what the children have been trying to achieve.

In Design and Technology, we have been designing a lunchbox that will allow the lighthouse keeper receive her lunch free from seagull attacks and rain damage. Children had to consider the properties of certain materials, design it on paper and then build their luchbox.

Year 2 Land of the Rising Sun Dance Group 1

The children have learned a sequence of dances in the style of the Japanese fan dance.

Year 2 Land of the Rising Sun Dance Group 2

The children have learned a sequence of dances in the style of the Japanese fan dance.