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Summer 1

Week 6

What a fantastic last week of term! The children have been amazing! It was great to see the whole school together for the Queen's Jubilee Party. The children made crowns, flags and bunting for our party. Have a lovely holiday and see you after the break!

Week 5

Wow, we have had a fantastic week in Jolly Posties. We have been exploring Forest School in our Math's lessons this week. The children have been busy making equal groups of objects eg leaves, sticks and counting in 2 , 5's and 10's.

In PE , we were practising our throwing and catching skills, building up to hitting the ball to each other along the ground.

We've been working a lot on blending in phonics. Try these fun games to get a bit more practice! Try the split digraphs (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_) as these are the trickiest!

In Science we've been on a tree hunt, identifying different trees by their leaves and describing them

This week we've been working on multiplication for the first time, starting with understanding equal groups. The children have enjoyed making and adding equal groups

Here are the photos from our trip last week, sorry they are a bit delayed. The children were absolutely fantastic - we received many compliments from the public and the staff regarding their excellent behaviour and attitude.