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Summer 1

Week 6

Well we really have celebrated the Jubilee in style! We began our afternoon with a parade! Walking round the building waving our flags was such a kick start to the event! 

We battled the wind, holding on tightly to our scones and enjoyed a cream tea with very royal music! We stood to sing the National Anthem and cheered the Queen! We all gathered on the grass to watch some fabulous dancing from the Cheerleaders and then all joined in together with Dazzle Dance Amy! What a Royal event we will always remember! 

Week 5

We met The Bog Baby this week! We needed to decide whether it was the right thing to do to take him home. We used a conscience alley to help us decide. Children on one side of the alley were telling us why we should take him, and the other side was saying why we should leave him in Bluebell Wood. 


In maths, we have been continuing with taking away. We went bowling! We started with 10 skittles and counted how many we knocked down. We worked out our take away sum and found out the answer. 

We loved our Class Wide Reward Party! We had a great time up on the grass. We enjoyed ice lollies together and danced the afternoon away. A fab celebration together. We are already half way towards the next party.... 

Have a great weekend!


Miss Hill

Week 4

What an amazing week we have had in Caterpillars. We have loved our time in the forest. 

Day 1

We enjoyed learning how to take away using natural objects and 10 frames.


We received a letter from The King of Tiny Things asking us to help the bees who were visiting the forest whilst we weren't there. We collected lots of materials and created an amazing bee hotel. 

Day 2

We went on a numicon hunt! We found a piece of numicon and then found a partner amd used the numicon to create our own taking away sum. 

With Mrs Prochazka-Lawton in the afternoon, we went on a minibeast hunt. We found so many creatures hiding around the forest. 

Minibeast hunt at forest school- What minbeasts did you tick off and where were they hiding? Which could we not find and why?

Day 3

In the morning, we found so many snails! We looked closely at their patterns on their shells. It was the perfect weather for snails and we found so many. We decided to have a snail race. 

In the afternoon, we received our final letter from The King of Tiny Things. He decided it was time for us to become official Kings and Queens of the Tiny Things. We made our own nature wings to celebrate. They really were beautiful.  

After all of this, we loved our Eid Party! We played pass the parcel, did lots of dancing with Amy and had a disco with the Chameleons and Elmers. 


What a busy, busy week! 

Have a great weekend! 


Miss Hill

Week 3

We really have been busy bees this week! The King of Tiny Things hid bee facts around our classroom. We enjoyed finding them and working out what they say. If you ask us for a fact about bees, I'm sure any Caterpillar could tell you something about a bee. Did you know bees have 5 eyes? This one has impressed us all! 

We have been talking about how honey is made. We looked at a piece of honeycomb and decided we needed to try it. Full of excitement, we headed up to the Discovery Zone to make honey sandwiches. It was a big thumbs up from us! 

In maths, we have been adding! We used a story of first, then and now to help us. 

Next week, is Forest School! We can't wait to see what The King of Tiny Things has is store for us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! 

Have a fabulous weekend!


Miss Hill 

Week 2 

We have had another great week exploring The King of Tiny Things. We have made our own Tiny Thing and thought about their super power! 

We marched around the dance studio like ants! 

We learnt The King of Tiny Things song and played our musical instruments in lots of different rhythms. 

The King of Tiny Things

Still image for this video

The King of Tiny Things comes out in the shadows to save the minibeasts. We explored shadows using a torch and made shadow puppets with our fingers. 

We have had such an exciting week together. We will see you on Tuesday.

Have a lovely Eid if you are celebrating! 


Miss Hill 


Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a relaxing break and are ready to learn about all things minibeast over the next few weeks! 


This week, we have read 'The King of Tiny Things'. It is one of my favourite books and has been a great way to start our new theme. We discovered a letter from The King of Tiny Things and he asked to us look after the minibeasts of Walkley. We went on a minibeast hunt to see which minibeasts we could find. 

In Maths, we have been exploring and building our teen numbers. We have thought carefully about how we make them with one 10 and how many ones. We have played lots of games with our teen numbers. 

It has been great to be back with Dazzle Dance Amy! We loved marching around the dance studio as ants and flapping our wings to Little Mix. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Miss Hill