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Summer 1

Week 1

In design and technology this week, we did a focused task of making eco friendly switches made from recycled materials. We built a coin switch, foil switch, fold switch and a paper clip switch. We also built a circuit which made sound effects and had a go at using a "steady hand" buzzer game. Our design brief for this term is to design and build our own "steady hand" electric game, with a home-made switch, to be used outside at the school's summer fair and is aimed at 7-12 year olds.

Life in Anglo Saxon Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Here is a great clip which looks at both our English studies on "Beowulf" and our learning in History regarding Anglo-Saxon settlements and everyday life.

In RE this term we will exploring and trying to answer our enquiry question, "What is the best way for a Buddhist to lead a good life?" Please ask your child about the Buddhist teachings of the Eightfold Path.

In forest school we did some computing. We learnt how the internet works by using ip addresses, routers and computers. We made networks using string and images to send emails and photos from one country to another. Well done to the Y4s!

Also in forest school, we went on a Spanish scavenger hunt to find different school stationary such as a glue stick (una pegamento). We also studied the weather in Spanish and made a vocabulary poster. Muy bien y4!

BBC Schools The Maths Channel Year 4 Decimals

Here are Rotherham's finest, The Chuckle Brothers helping us understand decimals!

Week 2

The foxes have been learning basketball skills in PE. Here are the children practising the bounce, chest and overhead passes. We also had two versus two games where excellent dribbling and running into space could be witnessed!

Well done Martha for making a wonderful Anglo Saxon village for homework. I am so impressed that you remembered all the different aspects of a normal settlement such as the thane's hall (chief of the village), fields of crops and a water source.

In RE, were are exploring the Buddhist teachings of the Eightfold path. Here are the Foxes thinking of "Right Thought" and giving examples of how to stay mentally positive when dealing with different problems.

Week 3

In Spanish lessons, we have been learning to tell the time. Please ask your child "┬┐el tiempo?"

Many thanks Noah B for your amazing Beowulf comic which you made for this week's homework. Here are a few pages to enjoy!

'Zombierella' reading with award-winning author and poet Joseph Coelho (For ages 8+)

Next week we will start a new book for guided reading. It is called, "Zombierella" by the award winning poet and author,Joseph Coelho and it is a wonderful twist on the well known fairy tale Cinderella. Here is the author reading a chapter to wet your appetite!

Here is Joseph again having fun writing and performing poetry!

Here are the foxes learning how to pass, run and "tackle" in tag-rugby. The children showed great enthusiasm, pace and determination!

Week 4

In Citizenship, we looked at the UN Convention on the rights of the child. We then talked about the story of Paddington Bear and how he could be a refugee as he fled his country of Peru. We then discussed further about how someone becomes a refugee. After that, we were tasked with choosing only 5 items to pack in a suitcase before we fled our home and country. The children talked about how hard it must be to have to leave your home and start a new life somewhere else. Finally, we learned that a child who is a refugee in the UK, is entitled to the same rights as a child born in the UK.

The foxes have finally finished their sensational "Steady Hand" electric games for the summer fair. Here they are testing their prototype designs to a group of 7 and 8 year olds in the Aslans(Our target age group for these devices in our design brief is for 7 to 12 year olds). Great team work, planning, manufacturing and design!

In maths we have just finished learning about decimal numbers and have now moved to looking at money. Please could you look at and handle coins at home to identify correctly what each coin (and note if possible!) is worth, add up amounts and use decimal notation.

Here is a series of great clips and games to play on money!:

Week 5

Here are some great songs about the Anglo-Saxons!


Unearth the real story of Sutton Hoo - an expert tour from the National Trust

In history this week we looked at artefacts which archaeologists discovered at Sutton Hoo. Just like historians, we played detective to try and guess who would have owned these objects and be buried in a ship far away from the sea. We were so impressed with the craftmanship on display. Just like many events during the "Dark Ages", no one knows for sure who was buried at Sutton Hoo. We know it must have been an Anglo-Saxon King, was from East Anglia and that he both followed Christianity and Pagan beliefs as he was buried with objects important to both faiths.


Most historians believe the evidence found so far points to King Rædwald, a great King of East Anglia. He was both famous for his victory over the Kingdom of Northumbria, and criticised for establishing altars for Christ and the old gods side by side.

Here are the foxes doing basketball drills, using a range of passes and working well defensively and offensively!

In Science we have been looking at the human body. Here are the children investigating the wonders of the digestive system!

Here are the Foxes learning to pass backwards, "tackle" and play 2 vs 2 in our tag rugby PE lessons

Here are some examples of some tremendous pieces of writing retelling the ancient and epic Anglo-Saxon story, "Beowulf". Well done to all the children as every story was a gripping page-turner with superb examples of direct speech and ambitious vocabulary.

Week 6

In English, the Foxes have begun to study, and write about, the best-selling book, "The Miraculous Story of Edward Tulane" which is a fantastic story filled with mystery and magic. Please ask your child about this wonderful tale!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Ch 1-4

This is a read aloud of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Chapters 1-4

This week in maths lessons, we will begin converting analogue clock times to digital clocks and solving problems involving time.

Here are some great games to keep you busy!

The Foxes were shooting hoops in PE today. We practised with a variety of different sized balls to see which was most comfortable for us to handle and worked on our stance, balance and jump while shooting. Well done Y4s!

In computing we have been collecting and presenting our own data as part of our investigation into the internet. Here are the foxes collecting data on how the class gets to school in different ways, which football team do people support and what is a person's favourite pet? Finally, we decided how to share this data online using our blog.

In History today, the children were learning about the great Anglo-Saxon King called Offa. The children had to be careful as they were given reliable and unreliable historical information and sources about this king to help them make a fantastic fact poster. Here are the foxes working well in teams and weighing up how credible each bit of information is.