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Summer 1

Theme Park Maths


This afternoon, Y6 have begun a longer-term project involving Maths: designing their own theme park!


Over the next several Maths lessons, they will look at the costs involved in running their parks and how much money they can make from their customers. Hopefully, they will learn more about profit than loss.



We have learned all about making different foods (and got to enjoy eating some too) today. The Y6s were brilliantly behaved and asked lots of interesting questions.

Well Done to all of the Y5/6 Cheerleaders for their performance at The Octagon! Although it was nerve-racking and there was a slight music error at the start you all absolutely smashed it! You have all worked so hard and definitely made Walkley proud!

Y5/6 Octagon Performance_ April 2023_Camera 1

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-04-26.

Y5/6 Octagon Dance Performance_April 2023_Camera 2

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-04-26.