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Summer 1

Class Wide Reward Party: Baking 

We had a fantastic time in the Creative Zone for our baking class wide reward party this week.  We made a biscuit dough and added chocolate to half of this.  We then combined them to make our delicious biscuits.  Fantastic team work from everyone. Well done!

Sheffield Madina Mosque

Both Y6 classes visited the Sheffield Madina Mosque this week. This visit complemented their learning around Islam this term. During the visit the children received an in depth tour, hosted by a knowledgeable volunteer, and found out about how muslims use the mosque.  To begin with we toured the room where muslims wash in preparation for prayer.  We then visited the library and learnt about the Qu'ran before visiting the main hall where we learnt about pilgrimage and prayer.  A group of our muslim pupils demonstrated the recitation of the prayer.  We were very impressed with all the children's engagement and the insightful questions they asked.  We're also very grateful to the mosque for providing us with this authentic learning opportunity.

The children have been developing their coding skills this term by using 'Scratch'. We looked at the games 'Bat Maze' and 'Hungry Horse' and analysed the code which we used. We also used our de-bugging skills when looking at this code. Finally, we used our knowledge to create a 'maze' game which used variables to track lives and keep score.

What a great morning at Wagamamas! We learn so much about healthy eating, made our own healthy smoothies, tasted lots of unusual food and finally made our own lunch! It was delicious!

The Y6's have been enjoying the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. After reading and analysing the poem, the children used the figurative language in it in order to create their own images.

Close-up Animal Art

Linking to our science last term about animals, we used pencils and water colours to sketh and paint close ups of the different classes of animals.

Y6 Dance Lessons

We've had lots of fun starting our dance lessons this term.  High energy warm ups lead by different pupils in the class followed by partner work using different balances.  We've also started choreographing a dance to the song, 'I wanna Be Like You' from the Jungle Book in preparation for our summer production.  This has involved lots of monkey-ing around which has been the perfect break from our SATs revision sessions!


Well Done to all of the Y5/6 Cheerleaders for their performance at The Octagon! Although it was nerve-racking and there was a slight music error at the start you all absolutely smashed it! You have all worked so hard and definitely made Walkley proud!

Y5/6 Octagon Performance_ April 2023_Camera 1

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-04-26.

Y5/6 Octagon Dance Performance_April 2023_Camera 2