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Summer 1

Group A Giants Summer 1 Dance

Next term's geography will be about oceans. Here the Giants have learned a fabulous sequence of dance moves to tell a story.

Group B Giants Summer 1 Dance

Next term's geography will be about oceans. Here the Giants have learned a fabulous sequence of dance moves to tell a story.


This year, the year 2s have answered some very important questions when learning about citizenship. We start our lessons with a key question and then the children are encouraged to talk about lots of personal issues in order to better understand themselves, their rights and their responsibilities.

In the Mental health and well-being topic, our first question was 'Who am I?', in which children were learning to understand that each of us has skills and talents that are valuable, understand that we are important, unique people who deserve kindness and respect and appreciate that other people are important, no matter how good they are at certain things. As a class we decided what we were good at and what we needed to improve upon.

When considering the question 'What helps me to be happy?' we learned to understand the connection between our actions and the feelings of ourselves and others and also to discover how our choice of activities can affect our happiness.

Firstly, we talked about 'Should friends tell us what to do?'. we decided that friends should treat each other well and be fair, that there is not an ideal number of friends [You can have as many as you like] and learned to understand that being controlling of other people is bad and that excluding other children is hurtful. We thought about how friends should not tell us what to do, although we should listen politely. This topic led us on to 'How do we stop bullying?'. This lesson helped us to empathise with other people and understand why bullying is so hurtful. We then ordered types of bullying to understand which ones are the worst.

Year 2 Sprinting Example

In this unit, pupils will develop skills required in athletic activities such as running at different speeds, jumping and throwing. In all athletic based activities, pupils will engage in performing skills and measuring performance, competing to improve on their own score and against others. They are given opportunities to work collaboratively as well as independently. They learn how to improve by identifying areas of strength as well as areas to develop.
This lesson was about developing the sprinting action. Children needed to balance when running by alternating arms and legs. run on the balls of their feet and take big strides when running fast.

Year 2 took their Computing lesson up to Forest School! After a hilarious attempt to produce an algorithm to make a marmalade sandwich, the Gruffalos and the Giants produced their own algorithms to navigate around Forest School. They were introduced to clockwise and anticlockwise quarter turns, and had to use these terms to guide others around their route. When spotting mistakes, they had to debug their algorithm.

In Design and technology the Year 2s have been working with textiles and have been learning about templates and joining techniques

The design brief has been to design, make and evaluate a glove puppet for themselves in order to perform a fairy tale puppet show.

First the children have been improving their technical knowledge and understanding by learning how simple 3-D textile products are made, using a template to create two identical shapes. The next focused task was to explore how to join fabrics using different techniques e.g. running stitch, glue, using tape and stapling.