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Summer 1

Week 6 

We have loved our Class Wide Reward party this week. We got out the fancy dres box and practised our dressing skills. We went up to the Creative Zone and designed our own fancy dress outfits. To finish it off, we went to the grass to eat our ice lollies. Well done Caterpillars. You worked so hard for our Reward Party! 

We have been taking great care of the tadpoles this week. Thank you Ellie for bringing them in for us to watch. We have seen huge changes in such a short space of time. Today we said goodbye as they headed back to the pond. We have learnt lots about the life cycle of a frog and are now experts. 

Have a great holiday everyone. See you next week... for your final half term in Reception! 


Miss Hill 

Week 5

This week, Caterpillars have been as busy as ever. In maths, we have been finding different ways to make 10. We used a double dice frame for a game of 'Don't Burn the Sausages'. We showed the burnt sausages with the red counters and the other sausages were yellow. We enjoyed playing it with out partner. 

In D.T, we have been working towards building our own beanstalks. This week, we had reached the building stage. We had looked at materials, talked about their properties and decided which ones we were going to use. We worked together with our groups to construct our beanstalks, ready for testing next week. 

We loved our visit from the Dentists. It made it even more special when it was someone's Aunty! We learnt how to brush our teeth and what is bad for our teeth. The dentists were very impressed with how much Caterpillars knew about keeping our mouths healthy.

Thank you for a great week Caterpillars. 


Miss Hill 

Week 4

This week has been our week in the forest. We have had a great time doing lots of different activities.  We have drawn numbers in the mud with sticks, made leaf necklaces, been on a scavenger hunt, filled 10s frame and climbed lots of trees. 


In maths, we have been looking at how to subitise numbers above 5. We found it easier to make 5 and a bit. We practised with our counters. 

In P.E, we had a great time bouncing our balls in muddy puddles. We were learning all about rainy days in our lesson and make our balls sound like rain on the roof. We loved practising our ball skills. 

Week 3

We have fit a lot into 3 days this week! We loved riding our bikes in Bikeability. We worked hard keeping our bikes stable and finding our balance. 


As we begin the celebrations for the coronation of King Charles. We wrote about our life in Caterpillars and what we loved. We made crowns in the creative area as well as used our fine motor skills to rub coins with wax crayons to see what happens. 

Have a great weekend everyone and we hope you enjoy celebrating however you choose. 


Miss Hill

Week 2

We have had a great week looking at length and height. We have been using beanstalks to measure if things were taller or shorter than them.

When we found the Giant's footprint, we using it to see if things were longer or shorter than it. We made our own footprints and measured everything we could find. 

In D.T, we were looking at properties of materials and which ones would be best to make our beanstalks. 

It has been a great week... The children have been so amazing... we are very close to our next Class Wide Reward Party. Watch this space! 

Have a great weekend 


Miss Hill 

Week 1

 We have loved being back together this week and have all enjoyed our new topic 'Ready, Steady... Grow!' 

We have kicked things off with learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. In Drawing Club this week, we have been drawing our own giant and castle. We are loving exploring with our imagination. Have a look at our great castles. 

We have planted our own beanstalks and are waiting patiently for them to grow. We keep checking if they are watered and that they are in the sunlight. Hopefully next week, we can see if our beans are as magic as Jack's.

In Maths, we have been practising our counting in so many different ways. I think we are all experts now! 

In P.E this term we are exploring all different types of weather. Today was a very windy lesson. We loved taking out kites out for a fly. 

It is great to have you back Caterpillars! 


Miss Hill