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Summer 1

Year 1 Anansi: dance to music from the past.

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2024-05-24.

Finally our mystery plants are ready to go home! Good luck little seeds!

In History Mrs Wilson visited us to talk about how Walkley was in the 1960s. We had an amazing chat and asked her so many interesting questions.

We have started looking at Walkley in the past. Can you tell where these photos where taken?

Still growing!

After mastering the Bee-Bots in computing we have started making our own animations with the free to use scratch Jr app.

With Amy we have been dancing to some really old music from the 1980s and 1970s. We had a go at Macarena, Saturday night, reach for the stars and many other really old classics that our parents might have danced to.

Fruits and vegetables. We were exploring, sorting, feeling and smelling all sorts of different fruits and vegetables today in Science

The mystery seeds are starting to sprout

Science. We have started planting our seeds in Year 1. What do you think they will grow into?

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