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Summer 1

Week 5


This week, we have been learning all about Personal Information, when we are online. We have learnt that we only talk to people that we know in real life online, when we are playing a game. If we ever got a message from someone, we did not know then we would tell an adult. We discussed, that we should never give information like our address, name, age or our school to anyone.

Secret Agent Training Booklets

This week, we have been doing our booklets. We have done a reading, spelling, grammar and maths booklets. Everyone tried super hard and really did themselves proud. For a special treat we have some ice lollies  on the grass on Friday afternoon.


This week, we learnt all about the oceans of the world. We now know they are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern. We discussed that an ocean is a large body of sea water and a sea is salt water that is near land. We also, sang the oceans song, we all love it?

Have a great weekend see you next week , for our last week of the Summer 1.

Week 4


This week, we looked at aerial views of ports and harbours. We looked at a harbour in Scotland and a port in Hull. We discussed what we could see on the map. We found fields, roads, houses and the sea. We discussed key vocabulary such as coast and the difference between an ocean and the sea.


After looking and discussing collages last week, this week we practiced making our own. We cut and ripped pieces of paper up as small as we could and then stuck them on a butterfly template. We tried to use different colours and make patterns. Look at some of our work below.


This week, we practiced some new posses of farm animals. We then got into partners and practiced making a sequence of possess. We performed our posses to the class then we said what was good about each other’s performances.

Have a fabulous weekend see you next week!

Week 3


We have been learning about Malala and the Magic Pencil. We read the book and then found out that Malala wishes she could draw things that would come to live, to make the world a better place. We also found out that Malala is famous for standing up for human rights and often did speeches speaking about these issues. After we read the story, we decided to write a speech about what we would like to draw to help the world too. Everyone tried really hard and did a great job. 


This week, we revised the continents of the world. We all remembered what all the continents were called. This term, we will be learning all about the oceans of the world.


This week, we have been learning about time. We all got the clocks on the carpet and learnt about o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We practiced making lots of times and we all did a fantastic job.


Have a fabulous long weekend see you next week!

Week 2

Forest School

This week, we have had a fabulous time at Forest School. We have done some lovely activities and really enjoyed ourselves. On Tuesday, we used our measuring skills to find sticks which were between 15 – 30cm long. Once we found the prefect stick, we then turned them into a magic wand. We painted them and then casted spells in the forest. We also, completed a traffic survey. We stood on the basketball courts of the old school and looked through the fence, out onto the road. We made a tally every time we saw a vehicle on our list. Then, we made block graphs with the information we had collected.   


This term we are learning all about being in a rock band. We listened to the Queen song, We Will Rock You, and discussed if we liked it or not. Then, we sung the song we have been learning, called I Want to be in a Band. We played the glockenspiels to it to. We focused on the notes D and C.  


This week, we used the beet bots and we had to programme them to move in certain directions. We then, made them move around a certain course. After, we used the iPads and logged onto a beet bot app. Then, we had to get the beet bot to certain destinations.


This week, was our last lesson in history in Year 2. We learnt all about David Attenborough. We found out that he loves animals and also wants to protect the climate. He is an inspiration as we found out that he is 97 years old and still working.


Have a fabulous weekend see you next week!

Week 1


This week, we finished making our fantastic hand puppets. Take a look below. 



This week, we learnt about screen time and how to use our time on the screen productively. We learnt about the digital 5 a day diet. This involves using your screen time in different ways. They are get active, connect, be creative, be mindful, hive to others. We discussed how we could do all these online. 



This half term, we are going to be learning all the skills needed in Athletics and Yoga. On Friday, we performed lots of different yoga positions, thought about our breathing and thought about how to be mindful and positive.