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Summer 1 Amazing Adventures 2

Summer 1 Week 6

This week we have been sharing the story Spinderella. This has encouraged us to take an interest in numbers & counting. We have now learnt that spiders have 8 legs & have spent time learning about our own body numbers e.g. 1 head, 2 hands, 5 fingers on one hand. We have also created some bottle top spiders, some chalk webs & used our cutting skills to make temporary web art with straws.

Summer 1 Week 5

We had a wonderful time celebrating Eid this week. We played games, decorated hands with mendhi patterns & danced to music.

Summer 1 Week 4

This week we have been reading the story, What the Ladybird Heard. Linked to our story about a very quiet ladybird,we've been learning about loud & quiet sounds. We have enjoyed singing songs & rhymes using our LOUD & quiet voices & exploring instruments.

Summer 1 Week 3

This week, we have been looking at the story The Very Lazy Ladybird & finding out about ladybirds. We have counted their legs, looked closely at their spots & wondered if they all have the same number of spots? We've used our observations to create our own ladybirds using a variety of materials.

We also had the opportunity to put our finger prints on Tennyson Ted! 

Summer 1 Week 2

This week we have been reading the story of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar & using this as a starting point for our learning.

We have made our own caterpillars & butterflies, using different materials & used some unfamiliar words such as 'symmetry'. We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly & used some scientific language to describe some of the changes that happen including 'chrysalis'. 

Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome to the summer term.

Our theme is Amazing Adventures, with minibeasts as a starting point. This week, we have been focusing on the book Mad About Minibeasts & printing/making Bees & flowers that we've observed.