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Summer 1 Groovy Greeks

- Week 1 - 

In PE this half term, we are learning how to play tennis. In our first lesson, we learnt about the different parts of a tennis racket and how to hold it correctly. We then took on a series of challenges to develop our racket and ball control. We finished our lesson with a game of catch tennis. 

- Week 2 - 

In English, we have been enjoying learning about Greek myths. We read the story 'Medusa and Athena' and enjoyed taking on the role of Medusa boasting about her beauty to all of Athens. We are going to be writing a detailed character description of the gorgon Medusa!

- Week 3 - 

In Citizenship this week, we wanted to spread a little kindness to Y6 ahead of their SATs tests next week. We thought about how they might be feeling and decided to write little notes with words of encouragement. At playtime, we snuck into the Y6 classrooms to deliver our notes. Despite our best efforts to go unnoticed, we were caught  by Miss Travis who looked very surprised and a little confused to find all of the Aslans in her classroom! 

Walkley Time Capsule 

- Week 4 - 

This week, we enjoyed a visit from Y4 who were sharing the amazing 'steady-hand games' that they have designed and made in their Design Technology lessons. They explained their design process and the Science knowledge they had to apply during this project. We really enjoyed having a go at playing their games and were able to offer some feedback to help Y4 evaluate their finished products. We're looking forward to playing them again at the Summer Fair!

In Maths, we have been exploring division with remainders. We carried out an investigation using lollipops where we created different shapes to see how many groups we could make and how many sticks were left over. 

- Week 5 - 

In English, we have been exploring the myth 'Pandora's Box'. After analysing examples of list poems, we used the ideas from the famous myth to write our own poem '10 Things in Pandora's Box'. We focused on the language used, thinking carefully about the intensity of the adjectives and verbs we were choosing, creating alliteration and of course, including some exaggeration too! 

In Computing, we have been using Scratch to explore repetition in coding. 

- Week 6 - 

In Maths this week, we have been solving correspondence problems otherwise known as 'How Many Ways?' As Baca was packing for his holidays, we helped him choose an outfit from his selection of summer hats and sunglasses. We worked systematically to find all the possible outfits by only changing one item at a time until we had used all of the options. After investigating the link between the number of possibilities and the number of items, we used multiplication to solve problems where the number of items was much larger. 


In Science, we have been learning about the different parts of a flower and the important role they each play in the life cycle of a plant. We headed out into the sunshine to create a live model of the pollination process. Back in the classroom, we created models of a flower showing the different parts: the petals, the stamen (anther and filament), the stigma, the style and the ovary where the new seed is made. 

In Art, we have been looking at the work of Delita Martin, a multimedia artist, who creates a lot of her work using different printing techniques. 

Click HERE to visit the BBC School Radio Greek Myths page where you can listen to the Greek myths we have learnt about in class. 

We are looking forward to our 'Groovy Greek Day' which will take place after the holidays on Thursday 8th June.