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Summer 2

Who was Æthelflæd and does she deserve more recognition?


Today in History, we have been exploring the legacy of Alfred the Great by shining a spotlight on two of his children: Edward the Elder, King of Wessex and his elder sister Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians (say: Ath-el-flad, not Eth-el-fleed).


Children sorted statements about Æthelflæd's life to create a timeline and answer questions. After a discussion about Æthelflæd's life and achievements, the children were presented with four statements with which they were invited to agree or disagree. They needed to use their reading skills to form and justify their opinions. We had lots of interesting comments and discussion. I wonder if you can work out which statement provoked the strongest opinions...


  1. Æthelflæd was a brave and well-respected warrior.
  2. Edward was more important than his sister because he was the king and Æthelflæd was just a girl.
  3. King Edward was jealous of his older sister.
  4. Æthelflæd was treated well for all of her life.