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Summer 2

Week 5

Here is a great game to learn the time with:



Here is a great game all about capacity and space rockets:


Here is a great game about some of the amazing people we have been researching about:


Here is the link to the spelling shed:


From the Gruffalo class

Week 4

The Gruffalos did a superb job at the annual Walkley Sports Day. Also thank you to the adults who joined in for the last race!

Week 3

Here is a great series of clips to watch on how to learn about time:


Also here is a brilliant times tables game!

The Counting by Threes Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

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Week 2

The Gruffalos enjoyed a camping party as they had earned 100 classwide rewards. We had an excellent time in the scorching heat!

In maths we have been measuring capacity and volume. The Gruffalos did a great job measuring 50ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1l and 2l.

The children in star group will be a writing an imagined diary entry for Ruby Bridges set in 1960. The children have studied what happen at William Frantz School in New Orleans, sequenced the story and then did a "conscience alley" activity. The children agreed that Ruby's courage and determination is an inspiration.

Week 1

The Gruffalos were very lucky to have a local artist called Nicole White come and run an art workshop to sharpen our skills, understand what it is like to be an artist and make a fantastic collage of Greta Thunberg. Here are the Gruffalos in action looking at different tones of colour and doing different sketching exercises.

The Gruffalos were measuring for wands in forest school today. The Ministry of Magic stated that wands had to be no smaller than 15cm long and no larger than 30 cm. The Gruffalos did a good job of measuring sticks the correct length and also looked at the ideal shape for a magic wand. We then went back to the classroom, looked at wand examples from the Harry Potter films and then painted our own.

The Gruffalos have been doing an excellent job of caring for their sunflower seeds which have now germinated and grown into healthy plants. We have really enjoyed doing our plant diaries in science!

Life Cycle of a Sunflower Time Lapse (With Music)