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Summer 2

It's Classwide Reward time!

The Borrowers have again reached 100 Classwide Rewards and have decided to celebrate this with a ‘Bring Your Wheels’ afternoon! These wheels could include bikes, scooters, boards, blades and skates – anything self-propelled.

Clearly, we need to make sure that everyone stays safe, so there are a few rules…

  1. Helmets,
  2. Appropriate footwear,
  3. Mitts and pads for boards, skates and blades,
  4. Secure wheels and fittings, and working brakes on bikes,
  5. The ability to safely; start, change direction, slow down and stop,
  6. Clothes appropriate to the weather.

On arrival at school in the morning, bikes should be placed in the bike shed near the entrance. Boards and skates, etc. should be placed in the crate located in the bike shed.

There is no imperative to join in with this activity – alternative outdoor activities will be provided for children who do not wish to bring wheels.

We are looking forward to an afternoon of celebrating our achievement out in the summer sunshine.

Here is the Borrowers' amazing performance of the poem 'The Age of Stone', shot entirely on location in a Stone Age woodland, whilst staying out of the way of sabre tooth tigers...

Y3 Borrowers The Age of Stone

We are very excited for the trip for Y3 and Y4 pupils to attend The Americas Concert at Sheffield City Hall on Thursday 7th July 2022. Please make sure you have completed the consent for this.  

This special concert will include music from The Americas (such as salsa, tango and rhumba) performed by the renowned Hallé Symphony Orchestra from Manchester.  It is an event organised specifically for school-aged pupils.  

To help prepare the pupils for the concert, we will be teaching the children a song that will be performed with everyone attending the performance together with the orchestra.  Here are the resources for you to practise at home.   

Ai Caramba Samba (Vocal).mp3

One Voice Festival

We hope you're enjoying practising the songs for the singing festival next month.  Access to the three songs we are learning in class can be found on the blog for Summer 1.  Keep singing!



Try Everything - Y3 Choir Song

You may recognise the song we are learning this week as it is from the Disney film Zootopia.  You can listen to the original track on the Youtube link.  Make sure you use the audio link to sing along as it is slightly different.  You can use the performance track first and when you're confident have a go with the backing track. 

Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video)

Try everything (performance track).mp3

Try everything (backing track).mp3

Science - What do plants need to grow well? 

We have set up an investigation to find out what conditions a plant needs to grow well.  We discussed how to make it a fair test by only changing one condition.  The conditions we are investigating are soil, water, space and light.  What do you predict will happen? We will be observing any changes to the seeds in class and keeping a diary with the measurements and diagrams we make.