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Summer 2

Week 4

This week the children have been learning how plants disperse their seeds in the wild. One way made the children giggle quite a lot. Why don't you ask and find out which way makes your child laugh the most!

Week 3

Our dance with Amy this term has a fabulous drama theme. The children are putting together a dance routine and taking on roles in the important stories of people who have positively changed the world.

Week 2

The children in star group will be a writing an imagined diary entry for Ruby Bridges set in 1960. The children have studied what happen at William Frantz School in New Orleans, sequenced the story and then did a "conscience alley" activity. The children agreed that Ruby's courage and determination is an inspiration.

In PE:Net and Wall this week, we have been learning to send the ball into space away from our opponents.

Week 1

The Giants were very lucky to have a local artist called Nicole White come and run an art workshop to sharpen our skills, understand what it is like to be an artist and make a fantastic collage of Martin Luther King Jr. Here are the Giants in action looking at different tones of colour and doing different sketching exercises.

This term, the year 2s will be developing the basic skills involved in net and wall games. They will develop their understanding of the principles of net and wall games such as using the ready position to defend their space and sending the ball away from an opponent to maximise their chances of scoring. They will learn to play games honestly, abiding by the rules and showing respect towards their opponents and teammates. Lesson 1 was all about racket familiarisation.